Tuesday, 10 September 2013

5.7 Stepmum

Daphne watched as David got dressed, “Why don’t you come back to bed?” 

David turned and held her, “Darling, I wish I could but we both know this potion will wear off and I will be a ghost again.”
“I will find a way to make it permanent for us, for you.” 

David lifted her chin and asked, “Have you told the boys yet?” Daphne looked ashamed, “It’s really hard.” David started to yell at Daphne.

Estevan and Blair walked into the house to wait for the girls as they were out shopping for maternity wear. They heard yelling coming from upstairs and went to investigate.

“I can’t believe this…”
“Hun, I’m sorry but I tried telling Estevan but…”
“No more lies. We need to tell them or I’ll refuse the potion and I won’t see you.” Daphne panicked, “They won’t like it…”
David firmly said, “I don’t really care if they like it. They need to know and remember Daphne you were the one that wanted to tell them rather than let me.” 

David was so angry he turned to walk out but found his sons staring at him. Daphne was horrified as they all stared at one another. Estevan in a sarcastic tone asked Blair while staring at his parents, “I could have sworn our father was a ghost.”
“Do you know what, so did I. So how is it a man that looks like our Dad is standing in front of us?”
David just looked at them and said, “I have a confession to make.” 

Estevan sat on the bed and replied, “This better be good,” taking a quick glare at his mother knowing that she had a hand in whatever this was. Blair blocked the doorway and waited to hear his Dad’s confession. “When I came to see you a few months before I died so you could check on Blair…” Estevan interrupted him, “Get to the point, Dad. How are you human?”

Daphne butted in, “Since he killed Adam after taking that human potion. I found more of them that Blake has in his safe. So I broke in and took a few…” Blair finished the sentence for Daphne with a harsh tone, “And let me guess you have been taking it,” looking at his Dad then continued, “Meeting up and…I can’t believe I’m going to say this…and have sex, am I right?”
“Yes and no.”
Estevan looked puzzled, “There is no, yes and no. So which is it?” David felt backed against a wall and just blurted it out, “A few months before I died I married Daphne; I married your mother.” 

Blair yelled, “You did what?”
“You heard me, boy. Daphne is your step-mother.”

Suddenly David turned back into his ghost form and Blair demanded he drank another potion because he wanted answers. David reluctantly drank the potion and turned back into a human. 

Blair was angry and yelled, “Do you love her? I mean what about my mother, did you ever love her?”
“Blair, of course I loved your mother but she suffered badly with postnatal depression but we didn’t know what it was back then. When I first met her she was a wonderful, kind person but after having you she went downhill…”
“So it’s my fault?”
“No it isn’t your fault. If I knew what was going on I’d have got her help.”
“Have you seen her ghost?”
“So is her surname Merrick?” Daphne looked at Blair and replied calmly, “I kept my surname because your mother had only died a month before we married.”
“Just stay away from my family.” 

Blair left the room angry and hurt but Estevan went after him and shouted, “Does that included me?” Blair stopped and without turning around said, “How can you be so calm after they kept this from us. I mean you had the nice but absent father and nice mother, what did I get? A mother who couldn’t stand me and a father who worked away so I thought.”
“We are the better people here Blair, we are better parents than they ever were and we are better than friends, we are brothers, does that mean anything to you?”

“It does now but now your…she is my step-mother.”
“Welcome to my hell but maybe there is an upside to this too.”

“Harmony and Draco get a grandmother. After all Teddy’s parents are dead and so is your mother.”
Blair thought for a moment, “I suppose that could be a good thing.”


  1. Bad father. Good for Estevan giving that little, but vital, speech to Blair. Blair feels like the black sheep, but he has made it really far and he has the best brother.

    1. Zhippidy,

      David had been a bad father in the past but I think he would like to start fresh if they will let him. Estevan couldn't let Blair walk away like that and he did get Blair's attention, thankfully.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Okay, so the big shock for the boys is that their dad married Daphne.
    I'm still getting over the fact that David can turn human. They accepted that automatically (at least, it felt like it to me). I guess weird things happen, but I'd have a bit of difficulty seeing my father come back to life after he'd been dead a long, long time.

    1. Mypalsim,

      David can turn human because of a potion that Blake made. This was how they got rid of Adam after he attacked Lexy. Blake made too much and Daphne being madly in love took the rest so they could be together from time to time. I guess being vampires noting seems strange lol but I agree with you if I saw a dead person come back to life I'd freak out too.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. At first I thought Daphne had found herself a little boy toy. Imagine my shock when I learned he'd come back from the undead dead and he can turn human. I'm still getting over that shock.

    I hope Blair can find peace some day about his upbringing, he's at a good place now, he needs to focus on that and let go of the past.

    1. Val,

      After Blake made a potion for David to turn human so once he was inside the jail he could kill Adam after he harmed Lexy. Daphne got more of them and they have been seeing each other. Daphne wants her husband back permanently, I can understand why but I really think she should move on but will she I don't know. Sorry for the shock.

      Blair despite what he says loved both his parents and feels betrayed but what came from this was a new loving family. I think with Teddy Blair will let go soon.

      Thanks for reading :)