Tuesday, 3 September 2013

5.6 Getaway

Advisory: Adult theme and Nudity 

“William, we were supposed to be having dinner with Paris and Philippe.” Will kept his eyes on the road and firmly said, “I cancelled the dinner. Paris really understood and thought it was a good idea to take you away.”

“A girl has to pack, you know…” Will laughed, “Paris packed your suitcase, not that you will need many clothes. Paris will keep an eye on Art and TJ with Philippe help.”
Heather raised an eyebrow, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Philippe is staying at our place.”
Heather shouted, “What!”
“It’s none of our business so leave them to it.” 

When William pulled up Heather got out the car and looked around, “Where is this place?”
Will wrapped his arms around her, “Does it matter because we are here to spend time together?”

Once they got inside William pinned Heather to the wall kissing her softly. He moved down to her neck first kissing gently then he started to sink his fangs into her neck. 

He started to speak to her through his thoughts, ‘You taste so good, baby. I love you.’
Heather was lost for words but tried to respond through her thoughts, ‘I hate that you know me so well…do you know what you are doing to me?’ Suddenly Heather realised she was in William’s arms being carried to the bedroom. He laid her gently onto the bed removing all her clothes as well as his own. 

He didn’t give Heather chance to react as again he pinned her down. He looked into her eyes and said, “I’ve missed you lately.”
Heather laughed slightly, “Will, you see me every day.”
“When was the last time we made love?”
“It’s only been a few weeks.”
“14 days to be exact.” She lifted her head slightly as William hadn’t let go of his hold on her and replied, “Then stop talking and make love to me before I explode.” 

He started kissing Heather with intense passion and entered her. He loved it when she screamed his name out loud and how she tensed her body when he touched her. After they finished Heather went to the kitchen to make a drink. 

William spun her around and started kissing her, “Will, I need a drink.”
“Hurry up because I’m ready to go again.” Heather hadn’t seen Will like this in a long time. It wasn’t that he couldn't go again in the same night because he could. It was the fact it was so quickly after. The only time she could remember was when he first married her. Heather was human then and his stamina wore her out. Will loved her being a vampire because the one benefit was that Heather could keep up. 

When Heather got back to the room, William pulled her on top of him, “You are serious about this baby aren’t you?”
As they kissed he replied, “Of course because the baby is with you.” 

They lay there for a moment just looking at each other until Will started to work his lips down her body, “Will, I love y…,”   but she started to moan louder and louder and Will kept saying, “More baby more. How loud can you get?” It felt great being a couple again rather than just the parents. 

They always felt they had to tone things down because of Art but being alone just the two of them meant they could be themselves.
“W.i.l.lllll!” Then with one final thrust Will came with Heather. 

He watched as Heather lay there content then said, “I’m glad we came away it was what we needed.”
“Most definitely. Will, do you think we will get pregnant again?”
“Heath, of course we will. When we do what do you want?”
“Another boy.”
“Don’t you want a girl?” Heather turned to William and replied, “Girls are bitchy, I think in the long run boys are easier. Why would you want a girl?”
“I just do and if she follows you then she will be a knockout not that any boy would be allowed near her…”
“Please don’t be an overbearing Dad. I mean look at what you’ve told me about Blair’s behaviour towards Harmony.” Will sighed, “If we have a girl I will try my best but I can’t promise anything.”
Heather smiled, “As long as you try that is all I ask.” Will kissed her cheek and said, “We’ll have to decorate a new room for the baby.”

Heather looked lovingly at her husband, “Slow down there, we aren’t even pregnant yet.”
“Correction, we may already be after the last couple of times but to make sure we may need to go again and a few more times after that.”
“Is that all you brought me here for?” William had a grin across his face that Heather knew all too well. “Why do you object?”
“If you are this much fun all week then I don’t have any problems with it.”


  1. haha, date night. ^_^ .... or - date weekend ;)

    Good to see that they are loving each other again.

    1. Zhippdy,

      They love each other alot :) and a holiday was just what they needed.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Well, let's hope they get preggers with all that woohoo going on! :)

    1. Mypal,

      I hope they get pregnant with all this woohoo lol, I don't think I could stand it if they didn't lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. They really needed to get away together. I'm glad that they are so happy! I hope they don't have problems getting pregnant! At this rate though, I don't think they'll have to wait long! LOL

    1. Daisies,

      They did need to get away but yes at this rate getting pregnant shouldn't be an issue.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I just noticed something, all your characters seem to feel broody, all these talks about babies. I hope Heather falls pregnant again, I know how much she wants a baby.

    1. Val,

      All my characters getting broody is driving me nuts lol. Can't they think of anything else. She better be pregnant after all this lol because I don't think I could take much more.

      Thanks for reading :)