Tuesday, 30 April 2013

4.30 What does Estevan say?

“Estevan come back to bed.” He looked at her and smiled replying, “In a minute darling just talking to Blair.” Dawn saw that look in his eyes that only said one thing to her, he was about to go back on his promise and go back to dodgy dealings. Estevan’s promise was very simple he was leaving the drugs, cutting his hours to help out with Art and they were going to spend more time together so her question was simple, “Are you dealing drugs?”

Estevan told Blair he’d ring back soon and looked at Dawn, “Blair was asking the question…” 

He didn’t get time to finish before Dawn exploded, “Haven’t both of you learnt your lessons? Blair almost lost his life, Art was almost kidnapped and not forgetting the whole family has been affected by this and you want to go back and risk everything? If you go back to drugs honeymoon or not, I’ll leave you.” Then she locked the door behind her and started to pack her things. Estevan knew she wasn’t joking and he had to admit he was deeply in love with her and he couldn’t risk losing her. 

He shouted through the door, “Dawn, open this door at once.”
“No now go away.” Estevan was really angry that she wouldn’t open the door and what he said next was harsh and not meant the way it sounded but he had lost his temper, “I have a deal for you quit your business and I’ll say no.”

Dawn opened the door in temper and said, “Who the hell do you think you are? I will not quit my business because you say so.”
“At least it got you to open the door. When we have a baby you’ll need to stay home.” Dawn look horrified at her new husband, “If I choose to stay home then it will be because I choose. I had been thinking of a new line within my business but I was going to discuss it with you when we got home but now…” 

Dawn was now so upset she turned away from Estevan. He knew he was in the wrong and shouldn’t have twisted everything and calmly said, “Darling I’m sorry. I am going to tell Blair no to the drugs and I didn’t want to frighten you by forcing the door so I said that about your business instead. I hate to say this but you don’t come across the housewife type.”
Dawn’s tone was firm as she stated, “Tell Blair now or I leave.”

Starlight Shores

Blair had heard on the phone Dawn’s temper start but now he was waiting for his fate, “Aren’t you going to say something?” Teddy lay on the bed and replied, “What do you want me to say? Yell, scream, please Blair tell me?” There it was the harsh tone of his wife, “You are angry at me for considering the drugs again?”
“No. I’m fine.” Blair went to hug her but she responded by saying, “Blair I’m tired.” He got off the bed and shouted, “Fine I’ll say no ok just please don’t be like that.” 

Teddy and a smile on her face and responded softly, “Now that’s over come back to bed for a bit.”  

Sunlit Tides

“The answer is no. Tell Carl thanks but we are out.” Estevan said to Blair.
“I had time to think and I thought the same thing.”
“You mean Teddy got to you?”
“Dawn yelled at you.”
“Point taken Blair. Look after Teddy and the baby. My advice to you is head to Monte Vista now for a good relaxing holiday.”
“Hope Dawn is ok with you now, Bye.”
“Me too, bye.” 

Estevan saw Dawn looking at him, “I’m sorry really I am. I shouldn’t have said anything. What was your new business idea?”
“I was thinking about designing nurseries only as well as your future businesses.” Estevan held her, “I really like that idea now please can we forget the last hour and pick up from where we were in bed. I’d really like a honeymoon baby.”
“Don’t ever yell at me again like that.” 

Estevan smiled and pulled her in close for tender kiss, “I won’t and I will never deal again. I love you.”
“I love you too; just remember you have a lot to lose if you go back.” 

Estevan picked her up and started to carry her to the bedroom, “Estevan, what are you doing?”
“You are right about the drugs but I’m bored of talking. Now I am going to make love to my beautiful bride.” Dawn grinned at him and asked, “What do you have in mind?”
“You’ll see.” Closing the door behind him.


  1. I'm back to try again, hopefully Blogger doesn't eat my comment again.

    *beginning of rant*
    I can't believe that Blair actually considered the deal, I mean he had time to think about it, he should have dismissed the offer from the start, he shouldn't even have brought it to Estevan.
    And when Estevan heard the offer he dismissed it almost immediately and that's why I'm more angry with Blair, it seems the temptation to go back to that life is still there. Anyway, I'm glad both their wives mates talked some sense into their heads. Dawn is right, the drug business took its toll on everyone in the family, it would be incredibly selfish of the brothers to go back there and drag everyone with them.
    *end of rant*

    Yay to a honeymoon baby. I think Estevan will spoil the little one to death, and Dawn will be the strict one, she strike me as a no-nonsense kind of person.

    Great update, Lcky!

    1. Val,

      You ranted oh no...Blair loves the money side and feels without the drugs the clubs and other businesses won't make enough money. Estevan was slightly tempted but seeing how Dawn reacted he got the message. Teddy wont let Blair go back there and neither would Dawn. Dawn was right it did take its toll on everyone.
      Estevan is very keen to have the honeymoon baby. Dawn would be the stricter one but I could see her melting at times. :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Well well well, the women teamed up against the men and won. woohoo! Girl power!

    WHAT were they THINKING when they considered going back to dealing?! For once, really, I do understand Dawn's temper. I'd have flown off the handle too!

    Now, I just hope that the men KEEP their promises. The temptation is just too much sometimes, and I can foresee possibly some money troubles in the future and them thinking of a 'one-time quick fix'. I hope not since Estevan and Dawn wanna have that baby.

    1. Mypalsim,

      It was a case of Girl power, yay. They were not think right, that's for sure. Dawn was so right in her temper and Estevan knew it. I think they will keep their promise because what they have now is far better than what they had. Estevan and Dawn do want a honeymoon baby, lol.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Oh Estevan. Poorly played. Dawn's completely in the right to demand he not get back into that risky business, and he was way out of line assuming she'd stay home with a baby when they have one. That would have sent me through the roof too!

    1. Misty,

      Estevan was naughty demanding she stay home with a baby but she soon put him right.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I'm so relieved that Estevan decided against the drugs! Dawn meant what she said. She was out of there if he got back into dealing drugs and I can't blame her.

    I'm glad that he didn't mean that about quitting her business if she got pregnant. I think that should be her final decision. Her business is so successful. That's how they met! LOL

    Blair knew he'd better not get back into the drug business too. I like how Teddie handled it. She didn't tell him what to do but let him know that she didn't approve in other ways! LOL

    A honeymoon baby sounds really nice!

  5. They both made the best decision.

    1. Zhippidy,

      The best decision was made :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. I still don't like Dawn. LOL.
    She just up and freaking yelled at him, and then later had the nerve to ask him not to yell at her? Why doesn't she stop yelling at him all the time. LOL, she frustrates me. Then she got mad when Estevan asked her to give up the exact same thing she made him give up, and she gets mad at him. So he can't get mad at her, but she can get mad at him? She lives by a double standard that really makes me mad.
    I don't even know if Estevan was going to say yes or not because Dawn didn't even give him a chance to talk to Blair really, at least from what I saw in the chapter.
    I'm not saying Blair and Estevan should do drugs, I'm just saying maybe they should be treated like adults and be allowed to come to the decision on their own that doing drugs is bad.