Tuesday, 2 April 2013

4.27 You have a deal

Advisory Some nude and adult scenes

Once the door had closed Matt made his way to Hazel’s room and walked straight in and wrapped his arms around his fiancée, “I don’t know why you are getting dressed because you know I’m only going to remove them again.” 

Hazel looked at him with love and replied, “Won’t we get disturb?”
“Dad and Paris have just left. Paris agreed to get him out of the house so we could be alone.”

Hazel now had a grin on her face, “In that case we’d better remove your clothes.” As she trailed her hands down his chest, she pulled him towards the bed and as she sat down Hazel pulled him on top of her, “I thought we were removing my clothes first.”
“I want us to kiss first then…” Hazel stopped and finished the sentence by whispering in Matt’s ear and when she finished Matt had gone into shock, “I take it by that look it will be your first time?” Matt was lost for words and couldn’t say anything but nod in agreement.

Spencer blurted out, “Paris I have to go back to the house. I forgot my wallet.” Paris looked him in the eye and said, “It’s in your back pocket. Just leave Mathew and Hazel alone.”
“I can’t….”

Paris started to yell, “Spencer I love you but your son is newly engaged and he wants time alone with his fiancée and you can’t blame him. You can’t protect him forever now leave them too it. Do you like Hazel?”
“I think she is wonderful and Matt is head over heels for her.”
“Then it sounds like there is no problem and stop treating him like a child or you won’t have a relationship with him much longer.” 

Spencer kissed Paris and replied, “You are right, I just get worried to easily. Once his Mum left I became both Mum and Dad. Letting go is difficult but I have to or lose him permanently.”

Matt leaned over to kiss Hazel and said, “You are driving me crazy. I can’t hold on much longer.”
“Me either.” When Matt finally entered Hazel, she let out a moan. He tried to hold back but the passion and desire was too much and it was all over. 

Matt sat on the edge of the bed upset. Hazel was puzzled and sat beside him, “Matt, what’s wrong?”
“I didn’t want it over that quick. You must hate me.” Hazel pulled him close and said, “I love you. Sex can be like that sometimes. You have done nothing wrong. If you want we can go again in a few minutes.” Matt face lit up, “I’ll miss this place when we go home tomorrow.”
“Yeah me too. Kirsten is arranging an engagement party for us.”

Grinning at Hazel he asked, “You told her on purpose, didn’t you?”
Hazel looked away then said, “Maybe, I just wanted a party.” Matt started to get dressed and said to Hazel, “Get dressed we need to talk. 

After making food Matt said, “It will be a few years before we get married.”
“I know that but you are telling me this for a reason. What’s going on?”
“How would you feel if I went to university?” Hazel looked upset as she stared into his eyes, “Think about it Haz, I can get a good job with good pay, a better life for both of us.”
“No there is more to this and I want to know.”
“Uncle Estevan wants to give us a gift once we are married.” Hazel just stared as Matt continued, “If I agree to go to university and study business I get the arcade. If I agree to his terms he and Uncle William will run it putting all money into an account for us and on graduation day it all becomes ours.”
“When was this discussed?” Hazel demanded.
“When he spoke to me on his wedding day. He told me to talk to you then let him know.”
“Has he chosen the university too?”
“Haz, don’t be upset. I thought I could attend the local university so I can still live at the house with you.” Hazel started to raise her voice, “You never said about going to university before but now?”

Matt crouched down and saw how upset she was, “Remember I said I was travelling?” Hazel now met his eyes, “I stopped because of you. I want to be with you but I do want to go university. The plan was travel, university then meet someone but I never thought I’d meet someone first. I’m not interested in anyone but you.”
“I’ve heard rumours about the parties the students have…”
“I’d be there to study not party. We will talk again about this Haz but you said something about making love again.” He pulled Hazel to her feet cupping her face as he kissed her then led her back to her room to make love once again.

A while later Hazel was on the porch thinking about everything that had been discussed earlier. She had to admit having a business already established to start married life was more than generous but would it right for them?

“What are you thinking about?” Matt asked as he leaned against the railing.

“It’s a wonderful offer but don’t you think Estevan is still trying to control everything you do?” 

Matt leaned over her and replied, “I can see why you would think that but any questions just ask him and he will be honest with you. I think he made the offer because he thinks of me as family. I also think after Dad 
panicked  about us getting engaged Estevan decided to give us a generous offer of a business so we would wait and get married.”

“So if we got married next week for example the offer would be taken back?” Estevan appeared and suggested they spoke about this inside. “I thought you were on honeymoon not to be disturbed?”

“We are but I knew when you told Hazel about the offer she would have questions. The question you asked outside about retracting the offer if you married next week. Answer would be no I wouldn’t but you still wouldn’t have the business until 4 years had passed because that is how long university takes.”

“So you are trying to control us?” Hazel demanded but Dawn stepped in, “I think Spencer and Estevan are both worried that you are very young to be engaged. However they love Mathew and all they are asking is to complete your education and if you can, this is your wedding gift with no strings.”

Hazel looked at Dawn and said, “I have a job…” Estevan interrupted her, “Did you finish your education?”
“Ummm no I dropped out at the last minute so I didn’t finish my exams.”
“Then go to university with Matt and study together.” Estevan got up to leave but said, “Look all I’m trying to do is give a good opportunity here so you don’t end up struggling. If you turn me down I won’t be offended.” 

Matt looked at Hazel holding her close, “What do you say? We can save up and have a great wedding then buy our own place.” Hazel still looking at Matt asked Estevan, “Do we have to move back to Painswater Point or can we live where we choose?”
Estevan smiled, “I told you no strings so it’s your choice.” 

Matt came up to Estevan hugged him and said, “You have a deal but I want to study in Lucky Palms.”
Paris walked in with Spencer, “I kept him away for as long as possible.” When Spencer saw Matt hug Estevan relief washed over him. “You accepted the offer?”
“I’m going to university but I’m not coming home, not yet anyway.” 

Hazel was shocked when Spencer hugged her and said, “Thank you.”


  1. I laughed at Matt's and Hazel's love scene. It was heartwarming in it's realness. Sex isn't always wow, or fantastic or long, and you captured that so well. And I think it's great that Hazel was so understanding and she didn't put any pressure on him.

    Yay for university!

    1. Val,

      Everyone seems to think sex is always great and fantastic but the reality as we all know can be different. This was Matt and Hazels first time together and he was angry at himself for it not being brilliant. Hazel as you pointed out loves him so as far as she is concerned as long as they are together then that is what counts.

      Matt is now attending uni that will be interesting :)

  2. ~ I loved it,Matt would be embarrassed his first time with Hazel,& his reaction was understandable! Loved it!Hazel was so understanding,& what ever she whispered in his ear,put him over the edge!LOL!
    ~ I love that Estevan truly treats Matt as family, & they all love Matt's choice of Hazel,it is just too soon & they think they are too young!
    ~ I agree with the plan,it actually is a very good plan for their future!
    ~ Loved it! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Matt believed he should have done better but Hazel loves him and as far as she was concerned it was good because they love each other.
      What she whispered in the ear would make any guy go over the edge lol.
      Estevan thinks they are young but he was engaged at Matt's age so can she the problems and wants to help out in anyway he can to make it easier on them.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. That was so funny with Spencer coming up with a lame excuse to go and check on Matt. I'm glad Paris stopped him.

    Wow, that IS a generous offer from Estevan. Plus, I like the idea of the two of them going together. If I were Hazel, I would've thought of that immediately, but then again, she may feel inadequate since she didn't finish.

    1. Mypalsim,

      Spencer is starting to realize his son is all grown up and in a few years is going to get married. The offer was very nice of Estevan and I'm glad they are taking the offer. Hazel did feel a bit upset not finishing school but has the chance to put it right. I hope they do well.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Can't say I blame Hazel for feeling that way. They haven't even discussed their wedding plans really, and now to have this dangled in front of them if they wait 4 years, during which time anything could happen. I wouldn't be happy either.

    1. Misty,

      Estevan and Spencer are worried that they will rush it and then regret it.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Their first time together was so funny and sweet!

    I think that they've made the right decision to go to university!

    1. Daisies,

      Their first time was sweet as we all know first times aren't always great. University will be good for them before getting married.

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. I predict a rocky road for Mathew and Hazel. She is correct, no matter how Estevan and Spencer sugar coat it, and Dawn too for that matter, a business for them in four years is controlling them. I think it's good that they want to get higher education, but maybe they should continue on without influence from family. I know I know, I've a skewed view. ^_^

    1. Zhippidy,

      Rocky road maybe but Matt and Hazel do love each other. It is a good offer but I can understand your reasons I would be skeptical too.

      Thanks for reading :)

  7. Awww, haha. I understood Hazel's initial irritation with the plan, feeling like you might be potentially marrying into a controlling family doesn't seem very pleasant. I'm happy they all worked it out in the end. I think higher education is overrated, LOL, I do think that it should be an individual's choice whether to pursue it or not, rather than it being the logical next step after high school. Like Hazel quit for a reason, maybe it wasn't for her, but now she kind of has to go do it in order to stay with Matthew. I hope her choice doesn't make her miserable. Luckily she only has a few classes to take so maybe she'll be okay. :D