Tuesday, 5 March 2013

4.23 Thoughts

Blair was lying on his bed thinking, ‘I should be home with my family instead I’m here in this fucking room. I so need to be with Teddy locked in a long passionate kiss running my hands down her bare back and then…”

“Mr Merrick.” Dr Lane shouted, snapping Blair out of his thoughts. “Sorry Doc, what is it now?”
“Firstly you are looking better. I see you have a new hair style. I need to check your wound on the neck if that’s alright?”

Ignoring the question, “When can I get out of here?”
“You have been here a few days so another week.” Blair shouted, “Another week but I want to go home. I want to see my family.”
“Mr Merrick, Blair you need to be strong enough to reconnect with your wife so please, please accept you have another week here.”

“Are you all set?” Blake asked.
Estevan shouted up the stairs, “Dawn hurry up.” He turned back to Blake and said, “I’ll see you in 10 days?”
“I can’t believe you brought the wedding forward?”

“After everything that has been going on, I’m not putting it of any longer. Where is Teddy and Harmony?”
“They are outside. What is taking Dawn so long?”
“Blake, don’t go there. Listen about Blair…”
“Dad you have been through this. Pick him up at the hospital in a week, get the suits and come to Sunlit Tides.” 

Estevan was about to speak when the phone rang as he spoke on the phone Dawn finally came down the stairs, “Blake I checked on Lexy and she is still asleep. She is really sweet, take your time with her and don’t rush things.”
Estevan finished the call and looked at Dawn, “Great you are ready.” Dawn was about to kiss Estevan when Blake said, “Give it a rest you two.”

After they had left Blake went to his room to check on Lexy. “How are you feeling?”
Lexy looked and Blake and smiled, “I’m fine really I am. If this is your room where are you sleeping?”
“Don’t laugh but I’m in the playroom.” Lexy couldn’t help but chuckle, “I said don’t laugh. Do you need anything?” She looked into his eyes and asked, “What’s going on between us?” Blake wasn’t prepared for that question. “Lexy, I lied before the fact is I like you but after everything that’s happened I think we shouldn’t date. What I mean is I need time, I hope you understand?”
“I’ll be waiting after all I have forever.”
‘What am I saying? I really like her and I’m turning her down. Am I mad?’ Then he heard Lexy through his thoughts, ‘You’re not mad just cautious and very sexy.’ Blake in shock shouted, “Lexy stop that!” She suddenly looked hurt and upset and Blake added, “Don’t be like this.”

“Will you hold me so I can go to sleep and I promise not to try anything?” Blake lay on the bed holding her. He could feel her heartbeat match the rhythm of his own heart. The way it felt to hold her was too much. He quick got up and said, “Lexy, I can’t I need time.” Then left the room more confused.

Daphne was watching TV when Blake walked in, “I think you need to talk.”
“Gran, not now.” Blake was about to leave when Daphne shouted, “Sit down.” Once he was sitting she then said, “Spill.”

“It’s Lexy. I know I volunteered to take care of her but when I’m around her I just…I don’t know.”
“You mean you want to hold her, kiss her, make love to her…” Blake looked at her in shock, “Oh please don’t look at me like that. I’m no stranger to how things work. You have strong feelings for her, possibly even love the girl. I say get to know her keeping your hormones under control then kiss her.”
“What’s that supposed to mean about my hormones.”

“Never mind but you have started to realise just how you feel about her. Until you are completely honest with yourself that you actually love her you will never move forward.”
“Do you think Lexy will be well enough so I can go to the wedding?”
“I think so besides Lexy has been invited.”
“I see your Dad forgot to tell you.” 

Blake ran upstairs in shock and asked Lexy if it was true, “Don’t you want me there?” Blake saw the hurt across her face and pulled her close without realising he had his arms around her, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…” Lexy interrupted him, “I know you didn’t and I don’t expect anything to happen but I already said I’d go.”

Sunlit Tides

“Mum, did you see me swim?” Harmony asked.
“Sorry Hun, I was thinking about things.” Harmony sat next to her Mum and replied, “Don’t you mean Daddy?”
“Yes Hun.”
“Are you upset with Daddy?” Teddy looked at her daughter and replied, “Your Dad and I have lots to talk about.”
Harmony got up and said, “That means Daddy is in big trouble.” 

When Harmony went inside Estevan was standing there, “She knows you really well, Teddy.”
“Yes she does. When will he be here?” Looking very nervous. “He is coming the morning of the wedding.”
“I thought he was coming a few days early with the others?”
“He told William and Blake he had a few things to sort out first. Now come inside for some food.”

After lunch Dawn wanted to show Teddy where she was getting married. Dawn squealed like a little girl, “What do you think?”
“Dawn it is beautiful, you must be so excited?”

“I can’t believe we are finally getting married.” She started to go on about the dress when Teddy started to think about Blair, ‘Should I forgive him? You love him right? You can be in love with someone but still be angry. After all he left me and Harmony. No I am angry must stay mad at him.’
“Teddy, are you ok?”
“Sorry I was thinking about Blair”

“There is me going on about my wedding and you are miserable without your husband, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry it’s your big day.” Then Teddy started to cry, “You have this great day planned with the man you love and what did I get a rushed wedding a crap no sex wedding night and now I have no husband.”

“Oh Hun it can’t be that bad, can it?”
She wiped away her tears and looked at Dawn and said, “I married him because I was madly in love with him but we had no-one at the wedding. You know when you’re young, you have the perfect wedding planned and then the day finally arrives…just being the two of us was fine but then these feelings of overwhelming love come over you and because the doctors says no physical activity, you have to sit on them. Dawn my advice when you two are finally alone, don’t you dare let him fall asleep on you.”
Dawn laughed, “I’m sorry but since we got here we haven’t done anything because we want to wait till the wedding night. Then hopefully I can get pregnant.”
“You really want a baby?”
“I can’t wait and Estevan promised we could try but once we were married.” Suddenly they heard footsteps running towards them, “Mum, Mum.” Harmony was so excited.

“Calm down, what is it?”
“Daddy phoned Uncle Este and then spoke to me. He said he misses me lots and lots, I can’t wait to see him.” Estevan got a foul glare from Teddy. Dawn decided to walk on with Harmony. “Did he ask about me? What did he say to Harmony?”

“Look he is Harmony’s Dad and he misses both of you. Teddy he really wants to make it up to you.”
“He thinks he can come home and pick up where we left off?”
“You are right, he was an idiot but you have no idea how much he misses you. The separation is driving him crazy.”

Teddy through clenched teeth said, “Well in case you hadn’t noticed it’s no picnic for me either.” Then stormed off to catch up with the girls.

Over the next few days Teddy hardly spoke to Estevan. She knew it wasn’t his fault and it was Blair that she was angry with but it hurt her that Harmony got to speak with him and not her.  She saw Estevan and decided to talk, “I shouldn’t have snapped at you I’m sorry.”
“Listen you have nothing to be sorry about. Blair on the other hand when it comes to you does have to apologise. I did try and tell him about the baby so he’d come home but refused to listen. Anyway in a few days he will be here so you can yell at him then.”

There was a knock at the door, Estevan answered the door and said, “You’re late but it’s great to see you.”


  1. Teddy and Blair need to sort things out, this communication shutdown is obviously not working out for all concerned, the sooner they reconnect, the sooner they can all be happy.

    1. Val,

      Blair and Teddy being apart is not good for either of them and I agree they need to reconnect and soon.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I can understand why Teddy is so angry, but she won't do herself a favor by taking it out on everyone else.

    Blake and Lexi have quite a lot to sort out. Poor guy. He's so clueless that he's getting advice from his GRAN. LOL. That's got to be strange. :)

    I wonder who that was at the door?

    1. Mypalsim,

      Teddy is upset with Blair for not trusting her but as you said taking it out on others isn't good either.
      Blake and Lexy need to sort things out and taking advice from Gran means in his case he needs to think about things carefully.

      Who was at the door lol all will be revealed soon :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. hmmmmmmm, who was at the door?? I feel for Teddy, it must be awful to be apart from your true love.
    I hope Blake can make up his mind about Lexy... He's been through a lot but she's right there waiting to make a future with him!

    1. Kelly,

      Who was at the door hopefully you will find out hehe. Teddy wants to be with Blair but also wants him to realise the hurt he has caused her. Blake needs to just face up to the fact her has fallen for Lexy and just tell her but when will he work it out, who knows.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I can't wait for the wedding!!! Dawn and Estevan will be gorgeous!

    I really understand Blake's caution, and I like how Lexy told him that she has all the time in the world. To me her attitude shows how much she really cares about him.

    Teddy is still very upset with Blair. I can't blame her for being upset! He has a lot of explaining and apologizing to do. I just hope that he doesn't hold anything back because I don't think Teddy will forgive him if he isn't completely honest with her about what happened.

    Harmony is so adorable!

    I hope it's Blair at the door!

    1. Daisies,

      I hope the wedding goes as planned but this is Estevan lol. Blake is just wondering what to do for the best when it comes to Lexy.

      Teddy is very hurt, upset and angry but when she sees Blair will she stay mad. I hope so. Blair needs to grovel alot here. Harmony is sweet but has her Dad's personality :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. ~ I do not see it being Blair at the door,unless he left the hospital against his Doctors wishes!
    ~ Lexy is sweet! But Blake,has to sort out his mind,as he says one thing & thinks anouther & Lexy reads his mind,as they seem to have a very strong connection!
    ~ I can understand Teddy's anger,but I do not think it will be so bad once he explains things,& he was kept from her by the hospital,for both their health's!
    ~ Loved it! (",)

    1. Karima,

      It could be Blair but then he part owns the house with Estevan so wouldn't need to knock. Blake is mad about Lexy and she is waiting for him, I think that is very sweet.
      Teddy needs to hear him out but at the same time he needs to know that she will be mad at him. He was kept away longer because of being in hospital. I feel for them both.

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. Man, blair really needs to get his priorities straight, how can he not know what he's doing!

    1. Misty,

      Blair can be an idiot at times. lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  7. I agree with everyone above. Blair - get it together! Blake - you too! The only guy that seems together is Estevan, Mr Glue ^_^

    Harmony's comment about Blair being in big trouble was a riot :)

    1. Zhippidy,

      Mr clue is there as usual lol. Everyone is right Blair and Blake get it together. Harmony was funny in this lol.

      Thanks for reading :)

  8. Hmm Teddy... holding a grudge isn't good for you, sure you're a vampire and you have forever to live, but do you really want to live your entire life pissed off at the man you say you love? I understand not forgiving him right away because he hurt her, and I also get that she wanted to talk to him too, but she didn't act like she missed him, she just acts like she wants nothing to do with him. Of course Estevan is not going to think that he should give the phone to Teddy so she can talk to Blair. Aye, aye, aye... LOL.