Tuesday, 3 February 2015

6.39 Changes

Ellen was making dinner when Art came up behind her and asked, “What are you making?” 

Ellen carried on making the dinner as she replied, “Macaroni and cheese, why?” Art sighed and said, “I want something different so scrap that and make something else for me.” Ellen look shocked and quietly replied, “What do you want then?” 

Art rubbed his chin and thought for a moment and said, “I think sushi would be nice.” Ellen looked disappointed as she scrapped the macaroni and cheese and began preparing the sushi.
After dinner Art went to sit down while Ellen cleared the dishes. 

She glanced over to see if Art would offer his help but he didn’t and kept watching the TV. 

When she joined him on the sofa he said, “Are you still wearing that?” Ellen looked at him puzzled and asked, “What is wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“I just think you should be wearing something different.” 

Ellen started to walk away but Art caught her and cupped her face and said sweetly, “I am just thinking of you.” Ellen gave half a smile and did as Art requested and changed her clothes.

Ellen had just finished changing when Art walked in, he wrapped his arms around her and said quietly, “Change of plan, I don’t want you to wear anything right now.” He spun her around and kissed her intently, pushing her onto the bed. Ellen’s only response was surprise as she asked, “Now?”
“Yes now.” 

Ellen didn’t protest and spent the next few hours in bed as they made love. 

When they had finished Art was getting changed in the bathroom when Ellen poked her head around the door and said, “I went to see the doctor today about going on the pill…” but she didn’t get to finish as Art yelled, “I don’t agree with the pill, nature should take it’s course.” 

Ellen fidgeted as she looked at the floor and softly replied, “I…I don’t want to be a mother yet.”
Art came close to her and firmly said, “We have bonded, I have made my commitment to you so having our baby should be what you want.” 

Ellen tried to interrupt him but he kissed her and added, “You will see I’m right, I promise you.”
Ellen nodded and sweetly asked, “Are you staying the night?” Art smiled at her, “I wish I could but Dad asked me to look after the twins again.”
Ellen looked upset when he wouldn’t stay, Art noticed her look of disappointment and said, “I’ll be here early in the morning so don’t worry. Just remember how I like my eggs and bacon cooked. Have a good evening. Love you.”
Ellen wanted to speak up but again wouldn’t say anything just responding with, “Love you too.”

Lexy was taking a much needed rest after the birth of their daughter Violet. Blake was about to get some sleep too when he heard cries through the baby monitor. Lexy hadn’t moved because the birth had been long and exhausting so Blake got back out of bed and went to see what his daughter wanted.

“Shush little one, you should be asleep so what is it you want?” As their eyes met Blake just stared into her eyes and smiled as he pulled her closer to him and sweetly said, “You just wanted a hug from your daddy, didn’t you?” 

Violet made a small noise as Blake rocked her back and forth.

Once he had put Violet back in her cot he turned around to see Lexy standing there with a smile, “Everything ok?” 

Blake went over to Lexy and pulled her into an embrace, “Everything is fine, beautiful and thank you.” Lexy giggled as she pulled back slightly to look into his eyes and asked, “Why are you thanking me?”
“I have a beautiful daughter, who I hope takes after you in looks.” Lexy glanced down with a smile at the comment Blake had made. Blake insisted she look at him and added, “If I hadn’t met you that night, I wouldn’t be here right now a husband and a father.”
“That night I only wanted to help as you looked so lost. I never thought I’d fall so in love with you,” trailing of before she let her emotions get the better of her. 

Blake kissed her softly and slowly as his hands traced her back and almost in a whisper said, “I know its early days yet but I want you to know I so want you.” Lexy still savouring the kiss replied, “Me too but we have to wait until things settle down.
“I can’t wait. Now isn’t it true new parents are supposed to get so sleep while the baby is sleeping.” Lexy smiled at Blake as he led her from the nursery.

As they got into bed Lexy asked, “Is Daphne coming to see Violet?” Blake wasn’t sure what to say and replied, “I hope so because she needs to smile again and I think holding our daughter will help.”
“Ask her in the morning.” Blake kissed her and said, “I’ll try again but I know one grandparent that will be here and that’s Dad.” Lexy laughed, “He has had lots of cuddles with Violet already.” Blake smiled at his wife, “This is Dad we are talking about, besides it’s the first grandchild I’ve given him so that will be his excuse to come over again and again.” Suddenly there were cries coming from the monitor again and Blake added, “Hun, it’s your turn.”


  1. I wonder how long it is going to take Ellen before she looses her cool with Art? Right now he's being a real JERK. All I know is when my husband tried that crap on me, and he did once, back when we where still newly weds, he ended up having a skillet go whizzing past his head. Yes I'm a good aim too, just sending him a message to back off. lol

    1. Pinky Lablue,

      Ellen isnt sure how to really deal with the situation and yes he is being a jerk. I don't blame you for giving your husband a warning shot. I guess he backed off in the end? lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. What's up with Art? He used to be sweet and now he's a domineering control freak! Just because you've bonded with someone doesn't give you the right to control every facet of their lives. Ellen should put her foot down. Art may say he loves her but how he's acting is anything but.
    Ah Lexy and Blake are so sweet! Violet has Blake twisted around her little finger already :)

    1. Dandylion240,

      Art was sweet but having Ellen as his girlfriend has changed him. He thinks by controlling her he can get what he wants. I think there maybe underlining issues and yes Ellen should put her foot down and quick. Blake and Lexy are very sweet together and yes the little one has Daddy right where she wants him lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. What happened to Art? He's being a real jerk.
    Glad Blake and Lexy are doing well.
    Someone does need to give Art a nice punching.... errr.... talking to.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Art has I think underlining issues. William could see what was going on and that was why he lost it that night when he met Sam, Ellen's father. Art be punched again lol...maybe but talking might be a good way but we are talking about this family lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Art's gone and done a complete 180. From the last update he was feautured in to this one, he's almost like an entirely different man, I mean boy. That's exactly what he is, a little boy who's all about himself. Ellen too seems to have gotten a personality swop. In the last update she was a doting girlfriend, but now she's nothing more than Art's doormat. Thank goodness for Blake and Lex, without them this update would have pissed me off entirely.

    1. Val,

      Art has been like this with Ellen for awhile and thats why William lost it but you haven't seen it till now. Ellen is the doting girlfriend(boyfriend pleaser) but in front of people they seemed a perfect couple but William saw through this.
      Black and Lexy are doing great, thank goodness for them :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. MKay, now Art is pushing it.
    Lexy and Blake are so cute.