Tuesday, 24 February 2015

6.42 Let's talk

Art chased after her and begged her to go back to the apartment but she refused, when he suggested his place, Ellen agreed as long as someone was in while they talked and only talked. 

William sat in his bedroom and could hear the shouting coming from downstairs. Victoria tried comforting William, “They will sort this out.”
“How could he treat her like this?” Victoria sighed, “Some girls like to be treated rough but I’m guessing that they have never really talked about this and Ellen being so quiet... and it went from there but I really don’t know.” 

William turned to look at Victoria and asked curiously, “Girls like it rough?”
She smiled, “I’ve read books, heard girls talk but I was a virgin when I met you so don’t know from experience but I would think boundaries would have to be in place.” William couldn’t resist and asked, “Would you want to try that?” 

He could sense the question made her feel uncomfortable but at the same time sensed that Victoria was curious. Victoria looked at him and quietly replied as she fidgeted, “How would it work?” William was expecting a flat no but was pleased that she was interested too. He’d never told a woman what to do as his marriage was always 50/50 but to have power over his girlfriend not only intrigued him but in truth turned him on.
“You said you read books, if I read one that you pick then we can go from there.”
“Ok I’ll get one for you.”

Art couldn’t understand how it had got to this but was trying to explain or defend, he wasn’t sure which. One thing he knew was the moment Ellen left the apartment he wanted her back and to sort this mess out.
Ellen was sitting on the sofa listening to Art go on and on, “So what you are saying is that I control you?”
“Yes.” Art was confused, “How?”
“You tell me what I should wear, you won’t let me come here and you won’t let me on the pill.” 

When he listened and took in what was said he cringed, “I was trying to help.”
“When I want your help, I will ask for it. Art, I love when you get bossy but only sometimes. However it’s in every part of our relationship. Dawn came to see me because they were worried about me.” Art looked worried and said, “You told Dawn about this?” Ellen nodded and Art said, “Shit Granddad finds out about this, I’m dead.”

“Art what do you really think of me?” Art was shocked at the question and replied quietly, “I love you but when you wouldn’t give me ideas about where to go on our dates and agreed with everything I said. I thought you were that type of girl that wanted to be told what she should do.”
“I should have said something but I thought you would have dumped me.”

“Dump you…are you crazy Ellen, I mean look at you, I’ve seen the way guys look at you,” he turned away from her and put his hands in his head and said, “I’ve been a total asshole, my Dad saw it but I didn’t till you started to walk out the door. Can we start again?”
“I’m not sure Art. Look I’m going to visit my Dad for a fortnight and I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Will you call me, please?” Ellen looked at him and softly said, “I will in a few days.”

William sat on the bed reading this romance novel and hated the book but it did give him ideas of what Victoria was getting at, dominance and submission. He had his reservations about doing this and wondered could he even be that demanding to another.

While Victoria and William were cuddling up on the sofa he casually said, “Finished the book you gave me.”
“Oh that was quick.” Victoria sat up and waited for William to speak, “I get the idea behind them. It is the dominant and submissive roles you were referring too right?” Victoria nodded then replied, “I wasn’t implying that we should…”
“But it has crossed your mind, right?”
“Fantasy is great but would it work in reality?” William  cupped her face and said, “We could try but have ground rules so if either is uncomfortable we can pull out and a test period.” Victoria smiled and asked, “Can I think about this not because it doesn’t interest me but because this would be real and no longer in my head?”
“I understand but I have to say it does intrigue me.”

Art was on the phone to Ellen, “Please baby come home I miss you.”
“I think you miss ordering me about.” Art quietly said, “I thought you’d be right but I miss you and I’m sorry…”
“I was due on yesterday…” Art sat up with the phone and asked carefully, “Did you come on?”
“No and now that means I’m a day late Art Granger.” Art stayed silent for a few minutes then said, “Baby come home and we will do a test together and I am sorry.”

“I did a test before I phoned you…”
“What did it say?” Ellen didn’t answer and Art in a panic said, “Ellen what did it say?”
“I’m not pregnant so before coming home I’m seeing my doctor and going on the pill.” Art was angry but kept his voice calm, “Ellen, you know why I say no to the pill…”
“Then get us a home, get a job and I will gladly discuss staying off the pill.” Art agreed to get a job but asked that once she was home could they discuss having a family. Ellen thought about it and thought starting a family was a bad idea and said so. She reminded Art that they had a long way to go before starting a family.


  1. I'm glad that Art and Ellen have finally talked but I'm still not sure about the relationship. I'm not getting a vibe. It feels like Ellen once she started making decisions isn't willing to listen to what Art is saying. I think they both need to learn the art of compromise.
    William and Victoria wanting to do the dominant/submissive thing in their relationship doesn't sound like a very good idea. I hope I'm wrong. At least they felt comfortable enough to discuss it and lay down rules but sometimes when you in the heat of the moment rules go out the door.

  2. Good for Ellen, in a way. She's pissed off.
    William and Victoria make me giggle.