Wednesday, 19 November 2014

6.28 Going forward

Estevan and Dawn were still fighting, “That’s it then end of discussion,” Estevan spat. Dawn yelled back, “Yes.” She went to open the bedroom door but Estevan slammed the door, “Don’t walk away from me.”

“I’m not but I’m tired of having this argument and we have to be at Blair and Teddy’s shortly.” Estevan was losing his temper, “Stuff the party after all they are family.”
“Estevan you are being unreasonable.”
“Wanting another baby is being unreasonable, to have sex with my wife who I adore and want to have this baby with is being unreasonable…?” 

Dawn was starting to cry when Estevan wiped away the tear. “What are your real reasons for saying no Dawn?” She looked at him and replied, “I couldn’t protect Nathan when that woman came after us, if it wasn’t for your Mum and Lexy we’d be dead.”
“Oh Dawn why didn’t you tell me this before? We could have avoided the arguments.”
“I see myself as a bad mother who couldn’t protect her child.” Estevan lifted her face so they had eye contact, “Do you want another baby with me?” Almost in a whisper Dawn replied, “Yes I do.”
“Then we will see the doctor in the morning. Now are you ok meeting Katherine?” Dawn hesitated then said, “If you say she can be trusted then that is good enough for me.” 

Suddenly there was a knock on the bedroom door but Estevan and Dawn were locked in a passionate kiss when they heard through the door, “Gran make them stop, they’re kissing again.”

Harmony was checking herself over in the mirror when Ty came up behind her and said, “You look beautiful tonight. Have you told your parents yet?”
“I can’t steal tonight from my sister, we will tell them tomorrow.” 

Ty turned Harmony around and kissed her gently on the lips.” 

As Ty went to walk out of the bedroom Katherine walked in, “How does this look?” Harmony smiled, “You look fantastic and I love your hair,” Harmony could see the fear in Katherine and asked, “What’s up?”
“Will the family like me?” Harmony sighed as she wasn’t sure what to say but said, “I don’t know but remember your mother hurt a lot of people but I think when they get to know you then you’ll be fine.”

When Katherine walked out of the room with Harmony, Daphne was waiting but David stopped her before she could speak, “It’s nice to finally meet my granddaughter, this is your step grandmother Daphne.” Katherine looked nervous at meeting Daphne and shakily said, “Hi.” Daphne studied her for a moment then answered, “You have no idea how to use your vampire powers do you?”
“Umm no miss I don’t.” Daphne raised her eyebrow at her and said firmly, “Its Gran to you same as the others. Ever hunted before?”
“No just fed from others,” Daphne shook her head and said, “After tonight we will have a lot to do.” 

Suddenly they heard, “You can’t teach her because she is part of that bitch.” 

When Daphne turned around she saw William but before she could say anything David raised his voice, “Enough,” he opened the door to the gym and ordered William to get in there and when Blake walked in the door before he opened his mouth he was told to get in this room and slammed the door shut. 

Blair quickly made his way to the bar and Estevan asked if he was ok. Blair said shakily, “I’m just glad I’m not in that room.” Katherine had to ask, “Why aren’t they tearing Granddad apart?”
“He maybe human but NEVER piss him off because he’s scary,” 

Katherine looked shocked, “You’re scared of your Dad?” Blair just looked at her which spoke volumes. 

Nathan tried to bug his uncle, “Uncle Blair, please can we shoot some hoops?” Blair shook his head, “Not tonight but if you are allowed over tomorrow then we can.” He turned to his Mum and said with excitement, “Mum I’m staying here tonight,” 

Dawn was going to protest but she felt Estevan touch her arms and whisper, “We can be together tonight.” Dawn turned to Estevan and kissed him. Estevan and Dawn chatted with Katherine for a while when Dawn finally asked, “You seem distracted?” 

Katherine turned her attention back to Dawn and said, “I thought Guy would be here but I guess he’s not coming.” Estevan looked at her and said, “If he said he would be here then he will be.”

Art finally showed up with Ellen and walked straight up to Katherine and said, “Hi I’m Art and this is my girlfriend Ellen. “You must be Uncle Estevan’s grandson and…sorry I don’t remember…”
“My Dad is William,” then the door opened and out walked William and Blake looking very upset. David came out behind them and pushed them forward. When they got to Katherine, William said, “Sorry for my outburst I shouldn’t think you’re like her.”
“Me too, I’m sorry Katherine.” She smiled, “I get this a lot when people know who my mother was but I’m glad she has gone.” 

When the door opened Katherine glanced up but it was Draco walking in looking sad. Teddy went up to him and asked, “Are you ok?” Draco shook his head and quietly replied, “She won’t speak to me, and she said I could ring her but wouldn’t answer the phone.” Teddy wasn’t sure how to advise him other than, “Give her time.” 

William noticed Katherine was just looking out of the window so he approached her and asked, “Are you ok?” She looked at him and replied, “I was just thinking how I fit in? I mean I wasn’t educated, I was made to sleep with men and the one person who believed in me and helped me isn’t here.”
“I’m sure they will be here soon but your education, if you need anything and I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’ll help where I can.” 

Katherine was about to answer when she heard, “Sorry I’m late. You look great and I see the bruises are gone.” Katherine’s face lit up as she replied, “Harmony helped with the clothes and hairstyle, I just hope it grows more.” She introduced William as her cousin to Guy and it warmed his heart to see her so happy. He excused himself for a moment and went straight for Draco.

“Do you know a red head by the name of Torri?” Draco was intrigued, “Yes why?”
“I was taking a look at the bar I will be working in and as I was leaving this girl was losing her temper at any man that tried to go near her including bar staff and they were only asking what she wanted to drink.” Blair came over and said, “I’ll go and sort this out.” Draco stopped his Dad and firmly said, “I want to do this and besides it means I get to talk to her.”
Guy told him which bar it was and Draco promptly left.

Philippe was at the door and said, “I don’t know what is wrong but she isn’t in the best of moods. She is down in the club part.” Draco demanded the keys from Philippe and told him to leave. Draco locked the door behind him and made his way to the basement. 

Once he was inside the club he heard Torri in the bathroom so he quickly made his way to the office and cut the power to the lifts and waited. 

Torri came out the bathroom and saw the club was empty and said, “Philippe must be waiting upstairs.” She pushed the button to the lift but nothing happened so Torri quickly pressed the button over and over and shouted, “I’m still here so can you switch the lift back on please.” She heard a door open and a voice say, “I won’t turn the lift back on until you hear me out.”

Torri still facing the lift said, “I’m not turning around so say what you have to say then let me leave.”
“Ok, first of all Kerri and I are not together. Second I lied to you, this is hard…when she wanted me to hurt you I said I didn’t love you, well the truth is I do love you and I’m sorry.” Torri kept her composer and said, “Is that it?” Draco nodded but with Torri’s back to him he replied, “Yes.” Still looking away she said firmly, “You hurt me by the way you treated me, always jealous when other men looked at me but I only ever wanted you. I told you I loved you so many times but you never told me how you felt until now. So you expect me to say ok and fall into your arms and live happily ever after?”

“I love you,” played over and over in his head when suddenly he snapped at Torri but remembering to keep his distance, “Here is the truth I love you there I said it again but how can you stand there and say that you love me when you said yes to another man?” 

Torri was stunned that he’d been told and started to crumble, “You treated me like I was your property and would never talk to me. You didn’t trust me and after that night I was so upset at you. All I ever wanted was you to ask me but you didn’t or say I love you so yes when I heard this man propose I stupidly accepted and look where that got me, even more miserable than you could make me.”
“Yeah well…it hurts to think you gave up on me so easily when all I could think of was you. It took all my strength to stop Elvira hurting you and getting her revenge. However this doesn’t change the fact that I hurt you and I am really sorry.” 

Torri finally turned to face him but gasped in shock, “You…your facial hair…your clothes…your eyes.” Torri shut up and quickly said, “I need to go.” Draco could sense she was lying and replied, “You want to stay and not go.” Torri protested and Draco put her to the test. He went to the office and switched the lift back on but by the time he came back she was gone.

In the morning the whole house was woken by loud noises and when Blair investigated he found Draco in a foul mood, “Things didn’t go to plan last night?”
“What makes you say that?” 

Blair stared at him and said, “Your mood for one.” At the top of his voice he yelled, “Yeah well Elvira has ruined everything and Torri didn’t believe me.” Blair wanted to tell him he’d be ok but the mood Draco was in, it would fall on deaf ears so he left.

Draco was still stomping round his room packing his things to travel back to Monte Vista when his door opened, as he turned he yelled, “What now?” Torri just stood there in shock as Draco changed and softly said, “Torri I thought you didn’t want to see me?” Torri stepped forward closing the door and replied, “I needed to think and I came to say I accept your apology and I’m sorry too.” 

Draco looked confused and asked, “Why are you saying sorry?”
“Saying yes to another man when I still have feelings for you, not believing my instincts that there was something wrong.” Draco looked at her and said, “Can we start again?” Torri smiled, “I’d really like that but where are you going?”
“I enrolled at university in Monte Vista…” 

Torri was clearly upset, “That’s so far away plus I won’t be able to visit you.” Draco came closer and asked, “Why can’t you?” She looked at him and saw genuine concern and replied, “My uncle Lawrence lives there.” Draco closed his eyes for a moment as he cursed himself then replied, “I’ll have to come home often to see you then.” Torri smiled and as she gazed into his eyes and asked, “What are we?”

Draco ran his hand across her cheek and said softly, “I don’t want to play the field so will you be my girlfriend?”
“What about Kerri?” Draco didn’t take his eyes off her as he said, “The girlfriend I want is you.” Torri had tears running down her face as she said, “Yes.”


  1. So much going on in this update, my head is spinning.
    Aw @ Dawn's reasons for not wanting to have another baby, I'm glad she opened up to Estevan and they are on the same page.
    Katherine's uncertainty about everything just breaks my heart.
    And yay for Draco and Torri. Finally!

    1. Val,

      Sorry for the head spin. Dawn felt all this time she was a bad mother but now she opened up to Estevan and they both feel the same way, now they can move on.Katherine isn't like her mum at all, she is just in limbo but with family behind her hopefully it will change.
      Draco and Torri are finally together yay.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Another baby for Dawn and Estevan, should be interesting. So glad she finally opened up to him.
    I wonder what Harmony has to tell her parents and am wondering it its something along the lines of they're about to be grandparents????
    Katherine is such a lost person and I hope she gains some confidence in herself.
    Can't blame Will and Blake for reacting the way they did towards her though. It has to be hard accepting her because of who her mother was. I'm surprised more of them aren't reacting the same way.
    So glad that Torri finally gave Draco a break and accepted his apology. Looking forward to see how their relationship unfolds.

    1. DandyLion240,

      They want another baby but it doesn't mean they will have one. What do Harmony and Ty have to say I it a baby, well we will see.
      Katherine is very lost but hopefully she will gain that confidence she needs. Will and Blake are worried about how Katherine will fit in but over time they will see she isn't like her Mum.
      Torri and Draco are finally on the same page and it will be nice to see how they get on now.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. This family is always in turmoil. They need to take a nice, relaxing vacation together and think happy thoughts whenever they are ready to pounce on one another. haha.... I think Katherine will fit in fine. I think Tori will learn the difference in Draco before and now. She is being a little bit unreasonable since she knows that what he did wasn't 100% him. Estevan is oddly wanting another child. Boo. Adding another minion I suppose. hehe. ;)

    1. Zhippidy,

      A nice holiday...I wish they would let me. I hope Katherine fits in she needs to feel at home somewhere. Torri is nervous and I think that is where the unreasonable part came from.
      Estevan wanting another minion lol. He may want another baby but will he get one haha

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Finally those two put their crap behind them and aired their troubles. Good!