Tuesday, 21 January 2014

5.31 Discovering the truth

William had finally found Mathew at, ‘The Grind,’ feeling sorry for himself. “Mind if I join you?” 

Matt shrugged his shoulders and Will took that as a yes. “Where is Hazel?” Matt hiccupped before he replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” William lowered himself and said in a firm whisper, “Bullshit Mathew and your drunk.”
“So what.” 

He dragged Mathew outside and yelled, “So rather than actually talk to Hazel, you leave her at the house and come out and get drunk.”
“And it feels great…”
“What is wrong with you?”

“Did you know she tried to get pregnant without me knowing…?” Will interrupted him, “I know she did. The one thing you’ve never done though is give her credit for admitting that she had tried to do it and that she was sorry but I know you, so out with it.”
“She wants to control me, she didn’t want the business offer and…” 

Will snapped, “I can read your mind, shall I tell you what you have been thinking since all this kicked off but you being drunk has made it clearer for you. You were pissed off at first she tried to get pregnant but you really wanted that test to come back positive. You hate having protected sex with Hazel because you feel it’s not natural, you hate university but are going through with it to make everyone happy.”
Mathew was horrified and yelled, “Estevan doesn’t agree with your opinion.”
“He does but we all want you to wait to get married and have a family.” 

Mathew was angry and staggered back home. When he saw his Dad and Estevan talking he interrupted their conversation and said firmly, “I do like university but I will control when I get married and have a family.” He turned on his heels and made his way through the door when Spencer said, “I know deep down you want a family, I don’t need to read your mind to know that but you aren’t ready…” 

Matt spun around and looked at his Dad and yelled, “How would you know, after all you were sixteen when I was born and I’m older than you were.”
Estevan finally said, “Mathew, go and sleep the alcohol off before we all say things that we can’t take back.”

Matt staggered upstairs into his room, “Hazel.” He shouted but there was no answer. He was angry, hurt and his hormones were driving him crazy because of the lack of sex. 

He heard his drums being played and made his way up the next set of stairs but only just managed it. He tried to walk in a straight line and opened the door to the music room watching for a few moments. Hazel was trying to play the drums when Matt finally asked her, “What are you doing?”

“Trying to find out what the appeal is of hitting two sticks on these drums are. I can’t figure it out or play,” putting the sticks down. Hazel looked at Matt, are these drums you go on about?”
“Yes, they helped me through my darkest days as a teen.” 

Then Hazel was shocked at what Matt said next, “Bedroom now!” There was no other words nor was there a please but Hazel blindly followed his instructions. 

When they got to the bedroom Hazel just stood there frozen to the spot. She stayed quiet now realising he was very drunk and hoped that he would fall asleep but he started shouting at her, “You are lucky I’m over here and not right by you or I’d be stripping you naked and have my way with you but I’m not that type of man.” Hazel quietly asked, “Can I sit down while you talk.” 

Matt just looked at her and Hazel just fell on to the bed not once taking her eyes of him. She had never seen him like this and wasn’t sure how to take it. “Do you have any idea how pissed off at you, I am? Here’s a clue, very. I have been thinking a lot but having a drink cleared a few things up for me. You hurt me by trying to get pregnant without me knowing…”
“I said I was…”
“Hazel don’t…just listen.” 

Hazel now just looked at the floor and listened, “At first I hated you for what you did but when the test came back negative secretly I was heartbroken. I’m not sure about being at university; I don’t want a long engagement. Since seeing the twins, I want a baby of my own with you, I want you off that damn pill and I want the business. Also I want to be equal in this relationship not you controlling me or me controlling you.” 

Hazel slid off the bed onto the floor, “I’m so sorry Mathew; I really am.” By now the alcohol was wearing off and Mathew saw Hazel in a state on the floor. He felt awful how he had told her what he was feeling; he should have said it when he was sober. 

He ran over and fell to his knees, holding her.  He lifted her face so he had eye contact and softly said, “I miss my Hazel, I miss us. Let’s start again and this time, be completely honest about things.”
“I miss us too but I will stay on the pill for a while longer because I want to enjoy being us again.”

Matt claimed her mouth and pulled her even closer then softly said, “Ok but please be open to the fact that I may want to return home one day.”

David sat by the pool waiting to see Ty or Elvira. Suddenly he saw Ty who was in shock when he saw David. Ty approached him and asked, “How the hell…?”
“Never mind that, come with me.” 

Once they were in David’s room he asked showing him a picture, “Is this the Elvira that is bugging you?”
“Yes but…did Harmony send you? I told her I can fix this,” David yelled, “Do you know who this woman is?”
Ty shook his head as he replied, “Just an evil, annoying woman.”
“Did she mention a perfect ex-boyfriend?” Ty looked puzzled but replied, “Yes but her line to me was you’ll do, why?”
“It’s Blair you idiot and if she finds out you are dating his daughter she will use that as leverage over you to get Blair here. You haven’t done anything with this woman have you?”

“When I have Harmony no way would I trade my girl for Elvira? Who sent you to ask questions?” David knew he had to be honest and finally said, “Teddy banished Elvira when Estevan and Blair killed her but Draco smashed the container and now she is back. She has always had a soft spot for my son but I always felt something wasn’t right from the start. The look in Blair’s eyes wasn’t angry, he was scared…”
“Blair and Estevan are legends, why do you think I begged them for a job to learn from the best…”
“But even legends have their fears. Blair isn’t telling anyone what really went on but I’m guessing Estevan knows; only because I bet he’s read Blair’s mind. I don’t think he discussed what he knew with Blair either.”

Estevan shut the door and said to Blair, “You should let Teddy help you.”
“No. I don’t want her involved in this…”
“Too late, she already is. Did you ever tell her about your relationship with Elvira?” 

Blair was now close to his brother, “Don’t you dare say her name in front of me. You have no idea what I went through…”
“Oh but I do…Who do you think got you away from her clutches and saved your sorry ass, me. She had a hold over you and at first I never understood what you saw in her but then I worked it out. When you first got with her it was novel and an experience, some might say you even had feelings for her but I know if you did it was short lived. When you tried to tell her it was over she did something to you that no vampire is allowed to do to another…”
“What could you possibly know about my relationship with that woman?”
“That she compelled you.” 

Blair froze and quietly said, “The headaches she caused were unbearable, I can’t go back I just can’t.”
“If you go after her then to get you to go back she could compel you all over again. Teddy would be devastated.”
“So would I be, Teddy is my life but if she threatens Teddy then I will have no choice.”
“And if that bitch asks you to have sex with her…”
“I will refuse…”
“Until the headaches start again…”
“Listen baby bro, do you have any idea what sex was like with her?”
“You always claimed it was good…” 

Blair grabbed Estevan and angrily said, “At first yes but when she started to compel me, she took advantage…that’s why I became a drunk to numb the pain, I don’t want to go back to that.”
“What did she do?”
“All you need to know is that bitch was evil and likes to see people suffer.”

“What do you want Sis?” Harmony looked at Draco and said carefully, “How bad can you be?” Draco smiled an evil grin, “You have my attention, what do you have in mind?”
“I went through Mum’s stuff and according to her ghosts books you unleashed Elvira, you have to end this.”
“Dad and Uncle Estevan are going to take care of this…”

“I heard Dad and Uncle Este talking and that bitch hurt our Dad so I want you to put this right.”
“What do you have in mind?”

“Something right up your street Draco. We leave when Mum and Dad are asleep.”


  1. *maniacal laugh*
    Oh yes. Send in Draco. Elvira will never see him coming.
    Still, the both of them being Blair's children puts them in big danger.

    Matt Matt Matt. He was a total dickweed tonight. At least he eventually owned up to it.

    1. Mypal,

      Draco and Harmony have a plan lol, will it work hope so. Blair isn't going to like this and yes you are right they will be in danger.

      Matt, dickweed!!! He handled it in the wrong way but he had to say what was on his mind before he burst. Yes it did realise in the end though.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Matthew needed to be knocked out, not get drunk. He really as some issues with everything. I really thought he was different. I see though that Ty has fast replaced Matthew in my eyes. Ty is quite real, whereas Matthew has become a bit whiny to me. Yeah, he had lots going on, but, I don't know. It's like he's PMSing or something and taking a woe-is-me stance. I do hope Draco will have the element of surprise on Elvira, but he will be placing himself in harm's way. I don't think his parents will like that. I bet Teddy is the one who saves the day.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Ok Zhip calm down, yes Matt needed to be knocked out and the way he handled everything was the worst way possible but please don't hate him. I think Matt just needed to get it of his chest and now he has he should be fine. Ty is real and so loving sigh but he cant replace Matt he just can't :(
      Draco is a different story, he is the very young version of his Dad and getting one up on Elvira would be good for him but will it be Teddy or Draco who saves the day, I wonder?

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Oh no Harmony and Draco, I hope they know what they're doing. No one messes with Elvira. No one. Period. End of story.