Tuesday, 19 November 2013

5.18 Harmony finds Ty

Ty sat on the step wondering what Blair and Harmony were discussing. Ty thought, ‘He is telling her to keep away from me.’

“No he didn’t,” as Ty looked up he saw Harmony facing him. He walked down the steps and looked her in the eye not knowing what to say. “I heard your thoughts. Dad needs time but I can’t wait for him to come around."

Ty stopped her talking and said, “Do you want to know a secret?” Harmony looked puzzled as Ty continued, “I really like you.” Harmony smiled and stepped closer, “You have beautiful eyes now you don’t cover them up with makeup. Why did you wear the make-up, anyway?”
Ty asked, “Let’s go for a walk.” 

When they were walking around the town Ty tried to explain, “My parents didn’t want me and so I started going from one foster home to another…well I hated it. One day I saw a band who wore make-up and I thought it was cool so I tried it and for a long time it helped me cover the pain of not being wanted or loved. Harmony you have no idea how lucky you are to have a family that love you and want to protect you.”
“I suppose so but Dad is overbearing.” 

Ty stopped and looked at her, “He cares about you and to your Dad I’m an outsider and a threat.”
Harmony giggled, “You a threat, how?”
“He doesn’t want me to date you and take his little girl away from him.”
“Is that how you see me Ty, a little girl?” Ty had backed himself into a corner and wasn’t sure if he could explain, “A little girl? Umm no...” 
Harmony was now really close to him and said calmly as she could, “Tell me what you see?”
Ty could smell the mango in her hair the scent of her perfume and his hormones were now racing but he had to keep this under control and he kept telling himself, ‘She is my girl but I have to wait until she is a full vampire but it is going to kill me. I mean I can’t live without her so now I’m stuck wanting her but having to wait.’
“I see a gorgeous girl in front of me who becomes more beautiful with each day; I mean to me you are a vision of beauty.” 

When he stopped talking he realised his arms were around her and her hands were resting on his chest. “Ty you say these things to me but do you mean them?”
“I’ve never said them to any girl before except you. In fact when I’m around you the words just pour out, I just can’t help it.” Harmony looked into his eyes and asked, “What are you thinking?”
“That I want to kiss you.”
“Then just kiss me.”
“I can’t because if I do I won’t want to stop and…”

“Ty, you and I won’t rush things but on a date you are supposed to kiss the girl.” Ty smiled at her, “This isn’t an official date so Harmony, would you like to go on a date?” Ty was thinking, ‘Please say yes or I will die of a broken heart.’
Harmony was screaming in her head, ‘Yes, he finally asked me out…yes. Shit did I really say that? He looks so hot in that suit please tell me that he has a hot body to match underneath.’ Ty’s expression changed to embarrassed when Harmony asked, “What is it?”

“You do know I heard your thoughts just now as you forgot to block your mind from me. Harmony looked horrified, “You heard…oh shit, oh shit…” Ty smiled as it was her turn to be embarrassed. “One day maybe you’ll get to see if you’re right. I take it from your thoughts that your answer was a yes to our date?”
“It was a yes but this was a sort of date so you still have to kiss me.” Ty kept hesitating and Harmony asked, “Have you ever kissed anyone?”
“Umm no, you?”
“I guess the kiss will be a first for both of us plus if the bond is real then everything we will experience together.” She didn’t wait for an answer as she put her arms around Ty’s waist. Ty cupped her face as he kept thinking, ‘If I don’t do this right Beauty will never talk to me again.’ Then he heard Harmony’s voice in his head, ‘I love the name Beauty and I’d never stop talking to you.’

Ty moved his head closer as they both shut their eyes, again he could smell the mango in her hair and her perfume. Then he felt a soft touch of her lips against his. He pulled her closer to him and caressed her lips with his. Harmony pulled Ty more towards her as they moved their lips in a passionate embrace. They became locked in the kiss and stood there for what seemed hours and when they finally broke the kiss, Harmony held Ty tight and said, “The bond is real…”
“I guess so,” hugging her just as tight. “Your Dad is not going to like this…”
“He will have to get used to it as it is very real. When do we go an official date then?”  Ty laughed, “Tonight?”
“I can’t wait see you at 7 on the beach?”
Ty kissed her again and replied, “I’ll be waiting.” 

Ty walked back towards his home and Blair came out of nowhere and pinned him to the wall, “You will not meet my little girl at the beach.” 

Ty pushed Blair off him and growled, “The bond is real Blair and I love your daughter so get used to it.” Blair glared at him, “Just walk away and leave her. The bond can be broken.”
“By mutual consent but neither of us want too, besides after reading her mind didn’t you break your bond with your wife and look what happened to both of you. You almost lost Draco and each other.” 

Blair got angry, “Leave my wife out of this; I love her very much…” 

Ty interrupted him and asked, “If her Dad was alive and told you to never see Teddy again what would your answer be? Yes Sir, I’ll leave. Bullshit, you wouldn't leave her because you love her.” Blair hated how Ty had an answer for everything. “Fine you win but you hurt my daughter and you’ll be dead.”


  1. I think that Ty is a refreshing guy. He speaks his mind more than any other guy in this little circle. Perhaps because he is young, and has always been free to do what he wants, albeit because he was shuffled around all of his life. But he seems to have few restrictions, yet maintains a dignity for himself and a care for others, Harmony in particular. Harmony is a spoilt little girl (yep, little girl ;) ) and I hope that she doesn't break his heart. She wouldn't give Ty the time of the day at one point, now she is heedlessly infatuated with him. I really do hope that it works out because Ty doesn't deserve a bad future. Blair best behave. ^_^

    1. Zhippidy,

      Ty is very refreshing to all the other men in the story. He adores Harmony and yes in some ways she is very spoilt but when she realised Ty wasn't a jerk she warmed to him. Ty deserves happiness and I think them growing together will help but bare in mind Ty still feels a teenager even though is has grown.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I DIED laughing at the part where he heard her wondering if he had a hot body!!!!
    *wipes tears*
    Okay. *deep breath*
    Other than that, what Zhip said. ;)

    1. Mypal,

      Harmony is a typical girl alright...hot body lol. I think Harmony wants happiness just as much as Ty so fingers crossed.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Loved the ending! Good for Ty making things clear to Blair. I love how Ty always has an answer for everything.

    His childhood was sad, I can't imagine how lonely it must have been for him, being constantly moved from one home to the next. I just want happiness for him from now on.

    1. Val,

      Ty had to make his stand to Blair and make things clear to him, will Blair listen I hope so but I can't see it some how. Ty needs a happy ending :) but time will tell.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. ~ I feel sorry for Ty,but in a way he never let what happened to him,bring him down,he kept looking forward instead of backward,which has served him well,as he keeps striving for his own goals!
    ~ I do not know how it will turn out with Ty & Harmony,he has found his soul mate,but she is a spoilt daddies girl,I have a feeling that she could hurt him,badly,if things do not turn out!
    ~ I hope for his sake that every thing turns out for him,& he finds his family,in the one he makes himself!
    ~ Loved it! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Ty's past wasn't the best of starts but he has found his soul mate in Harmony, I just hope she sticks with him because I thinks he's a keeper lol.
      Hopefully the spoilt daddies girl won't get in the way not after seeing her Mum heartbroken when her Dad broke their bond and it almost killed them but we will see.

      Thanks for reading :)