Tuesday, 15 October 2013

5.13 Stay with me tonight

Philippe had found it hard staying at William and Heather’s place because it was the first time he hadn’t jumped into bed with a woman he was dating. However this felt different so he took the step of asking her to his place on a date. Philippe was the type of man who kept his home clean but that said he was only picking up after one person but as he looked around it dawned on him that it now felt too quiet. He went to bed alone and woke up alone. Philippe felt it was time for a change and was hoping that tonight would change that.

He checked his bed was tidy and made in case they ended up in here. He wanted her to have a good impression of him. Just as he lit the last candles he heard a knock at the door. 

When he saw Paris standing there he was lost for words, “Are you going to invite me in?” He stood away from the door and let Paris in.
Paris looked around quickly and said, “I love your place.”
“Would you like the tour?” Paris smiled and cheekily said, “I’d love that.” As he showed her around the apartment she gasped in shock, “I’ve never seen a guy’s place so tidy.” He ushered her back to the living area and poured her a glass of wine. “Are you trying to get me tipsy?”
“This is a date and I want to show you a good time.” 

He took her glass from her and kissed her passionately running his hand across her cheek. “Is that behaving for you?” Paris bit her lip and looked into his eyes and asked quietly, “Where is our relationship going?”
“Where do you want it to go?”

Paris put her arms around him, “I want more than just a date, I want a lot more but I don’t think you do.”
Philippe held her tighter and replied, “I told you before I’ve like you for a long time and the last few months have been fun but if we are being honest then I want more too.”
Paris was scared to ask but asked anyway, “How much more?”
“I’m getting too old to mess about so I was hoping you would consider moving in with me.” 

Paris fell on the sofa disappointed, “I thought that you…”
“Wanted to get married? Yes I do it’s just because you were engaged I thought it might be inappropriate to ask you so soon.” Paris looked at him and Philippe said softly, “I love you.” Paris couldn’t believe it he loved her and that look in his eyes meant he was serious. “I love you too.” Paris stood up in front of Philippe and grabbed his hand guiding him to his bedroom. 

She stood there by his bed not know what to do next. Philippe suddenly had his hands around her waist pressing his lips hard against hers gliding his hands down to her bum. He whispered in her ear, “I want you Paris.”
“I want you too.” Paris intensified the kiss moving her hands down to his trousers. 

He helped her out of her dress and pushed her back as he kissed her chest. She tried to grab on but instead wrapped her leg around him. 

Then she felt a soft material underneath her and watched as Philippe removed his clothes. He pulled her on top of him and loved her soft lips touch his and as she arched her back slightly he viewed her breasts and wondered what it would be like to kiss them. 

He grabbed Paris and moved their position. Paris wrapped herself around him as he started to caress her chest and kiss them one by one. “Do you like that?”
Paris just nodded as she murmured a yes. She pushed herself more into him as he kissed her. Philippe could feel Paris arch her back more as their passion intensified and moved his hands up her bare back to hold her there as he continued. 

Paris pushed against his hands and as he let go she fell backwards onto the bed. He followed her move and not letting up as he pushed himself inside her. His thrusts became harder and Paris gasped with delight as he went deeper within her. She tried to claw at his chest as she screamed his name but with every thrust she lost control and resigned herself to the fact that this was the best she’d ever had and that Philippe was in control for the night.
When they had finished making love Paris started to get dressed and Philippe asked, “Where are you going?”
“I need to get going…” 

Philippe got up and stopped her, “I don’t want you to leave, Paris. I did ask you to move in with me and I meant it. At least stay the night and think about it.”
“This feels like a dream.”
“Was it a good dream?” Paris smiled at him, “It was a good dream that I don’t want to wake from.”
“Then don’t wake from it and stay with me tonight.” Philippe pulled her towards the bed keeping his eyes on hers and asked, “What is your answer?”
“I’ll move in with you and I’ll stay tonight.”
“Then tomorrow we will get your things and make it official.” Paris lay in his arms thinking, ‘I’m finally getting my dream. I’m going to be living with my man and there won’t be anyone here but the two of us.’


  1. There is always someone for everyone. May they have a long and angst-free relationship :)

  2. Zhippidy,

    You are right there is someone for everyone. I hope this time around that they both find what they are looking for in each other. I think they both deserve some happiness.

    Thanks for reading :)

  3. ~ I think these two have found what they have both been looking for their happily ever after!
    ~ They both want to belong some where & both want a family,may be they can find it together, I know he is smitten with her,I just hope she does feel the same as her!
    ~ Love it! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Philippe is very smitten with Paris. I think she feels the same way after he is giving something she never had before. I just hope this is the happy ending :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Aw, this was so sweet, I love that they seem compatible with each other and they both want the same things in life. But with Paris just out of a long term relationship, maybe taking things slow and enjoying being a couple is the way to go. Great update.

    1. Val,

      They are a very sweet couple together. Paris needs to take things slow and Philippe is the man to help with that. I hope this is the real deal for them both.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. This was indeed sweet :)
    I'm so happy for both of them that they found what they were looking for.

    1. Mypal,

      I think they have found hapiness and it was I think a sweet and romantic chapter

      Thanks for reading :)