Tuesday, 8 October 2013

5.12 A word

Blair and Ty were in the office working when Blair asked, “TJ did you get those forms filled in like Estevan asked?” Ty looked and Blair, “I did, I also cleaned the arcade…”

Blair made his way to the front of the desk and just stood there and replied, “Don’t try and butter me up, boy.” Ty looked at Blair and knew instantly what he was referring to. He tried to stay calm, “Blair, what have I done?”
“You work for me and Estevan but that does not give you the right to open access with my daughter. She can do better than you so stay the hell away from her.” Ty felt the pain of not being wanted or being liked. He remembered Daphne’s words, ‘One day you will have to show the real you.’ 

Suddenly he lost it, “How dare you think I’m not good enough for your daughter. I may not be what you want for her but have you ever asked Harmony what she wants?” Blair stood there listening to Ty rant on, “Harmony is a wonderful person but you can’t lock her up forever. Is she your possession or does she belong to herself? If she tells me to piss off I’ll be heartbroken but I will accept it because she told me. So go on fire me, see if I care because if you do then I have more time to see Harmony.” 

Blair grabbed him by his clothes when he noticed Teddy in the doorway. He put Ty down and said, “Gorgeous, we were just talking about Harmony.” Teddy smiled at Ty but frowned at Blair, “Blair Merrick a word outside, NOW.”

When Blair closed the door Teddy started yelling at him, “What was all that about?”
“I don’t like him and he won’t be allowed near my daughter.”
“Excuse me!”
“I mean our daughter. Look at him…”
“Not your type?” Blair was angry, “Teddy don’t you dare twist this on me when I’m trying to protect our daughter.”
“You don’t understand…”
“Try me.” Teddy said, “Sit down.” 

Blair was now nervous as he sat down by his wife. “I know you were listening to the whole conversation when I was speaking to Harmony. When she said he kissed her hand, I became suspicious…” Blair interrupted her, “I know I heard and your point.”
“After you took off she said a few more things so I went to see Estevan. Daphne was there and confirmed what I thought; well they both said the same thing.”
“Teddy, get on with it.”
“They bonded, Blair” 

He shot up and yelled, “They did what!” Teddy tried to calm Blair down, “Please Blair they aren’t aware what has happened yet.”
“But they are teenagers it’s impossible.”
“It is very rare but possible. Daphne said the last case was 100 years ago.”
“No he’s not…I’ll fix this.” 

He burst into the office and punched Ty in the face. Ty fell backwards, just missing the table. “How fucking dare you.” Ty got up but slightly stumbled before straightening himself up. Blair went for him again but this time Teddy got between them, “Hit me instead.” 

Blair held his position looking at his wife then backed down, “I’d never hit you.” 

He pulled her close and kissed her, “I know you wouldn’t but you can’t kill Ty either.” Ty was frozen on the spot and with fear in his voice asked, “Did I do something wrong?”
Blair firmly said, “TJ, just stay out of my way. Take the books over to Philippe at Plasma 501 and be quick about it.” Ty didn’t question him and ran from the room. 

“Blair we have to tell them…”
“Blair I know you like him…”
“That’s not the point.”

Will had made a promise and went to the doctors with Heather. “The test confirms that you are expecting.”
Will looked at Heather and asked, “How far are we?”
Dr Smith replied, “After examining your wife it looks like she is 9 weeks along.”

Heather asked, “Can I have a home birth?”
“It’s not advisable, Heather. Now you are due at the hospital in a few days for your scan then I’ll see you in a few weeks for a check-up.” 

After leaving the doctor’s William pulled Heather into him, “I’m so happy right now.”
“What do you think Art will say?”
“I think he will be happy to finally be a big brother.” 

They spotted Art playing basketball with TJ. They watched for a moment and when Art saw them he raced over, “Is it true, am I going to be a brother?”

Heather was in shock, “How did you…”
“I overheard you and Dad talking.”
“Yes it’s true I’m pregnant.” Art hugged his Mum and said, “This is awesome Mum. I can’t wait.”


  1. I must say that I didn't think Blair would go so easy on Ty. *LOL* Ty can hold his own pretty well though. Blair is being a big dope. haha
    Congratulations Heather and William!

    1. Zhippidy,

      Blair only went that easy on Ty because Teddy walked in lol. Ty will stand up to Blair no worries there. Yes Will and Heather are finally expecting again.

      Thanks for reading :

  2. When I saw Ty going off on Blair, I'm like, 'Uh oh. Ty doesn't really know who he's dealing with. No way would the old Blair put up with this, and just because he's a little tamer, this is his Daughter!' Then Blair did exactly what I thought he'd do which was grab Ty by the neck. I guess Teddy walking in was the only thing that kept him from tossing Ty across the room.
    They bonded?! Holy nuts!
    Heather and William are so cute. :)

    1. Mypalsim,

      Ty doesn't know the history on Blair or Estevan but at the same time he can hold his own. The old Blair would have not finished there but Teddy walked in and he doesn't like upsetting her. I have a feeling if it wasn't for Teddy he would have done more damage to Ty.
      Yes, Ty and Harmony are bonded but because they don't know they are ok for the moment and Blair is really upset about the bond but now knows her future is with Ty unless they break the bond mutually.
      Heather and Will are cute together now they have spent time together and are expecting again.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I loved Ty's spunk (can we use spunk for a guy?) in this update. I'm glad he stood up to Blair, and showed him he's not afraid to go after something he wants. I think that's a good trait to have in business too, both Blair and Estevan should hold on tight to him, they have a keeper there. Wow, so TY and Harmony are bonded? I think this should give Blair some relief that his daughter's found her mate and she won't be running around and making all the boys cry.

    Yay for Heather and William's news.


    1. Val,

      Yes we can call it spunk lol Ty needed to stand up to Blair but this isn't over yet :) Ty is a keeper. They did bond but they arent aware yet. It should make Blair happy but this is Blair so he will sulk awhile longer.

      Yes William and Heather are having another baby :)

      Thanks for reading :)