Tuesday, 9 July 2013

4.39 Is it the right time?

Keith slammed his hands on the desk, “What the hell do you think you are doing chasing after your boyfriend when you should be bringing in the suspect?” Lexy opened her mouth but nothing came out as Keith continued his rant, “Since you started dating that Granger boy your mind has been elsewhere…” Lexy by now had heard enough, “First of all do not bring my private life into this. Who I date is none of your business. Word around the station was that you were controlled by Estevan. If that’s true, don’t take it out on me.” 

Lexy now mirrored Keith in her position and continued, “Yes I did chase Blake and you want to know why because that asshole who calls himself a man, when I caught up to him, he pinned me to the railing kissing me and trying to put his vile self all over me. From the position Blake saw this; he thought I’d cheated on him. You know what happened last time to Blake because you arrested him. It was because of me you found the right person so don’t you dare yell at me. I had backup but I needed to calm Blake down before he had time to blow it all out of proportion.”

Thought gritted teeth Keith replied, “Have you finished?”
“Not quite yet. I was also on my first day of holidays when you called me back and the only reason for that is I’m the only vampire at the station. You needed me because I can really run.”

“Get out and while you are playing the happy couple on holiday think about if you really want your job.”

“Don’t you dare give me an ultimatum? I love the job but as we all know at the station balancing the life as a cop and your love life is hard.”
“I know it is as my wife hates my job.”
“I intend to make this relationship work. Even though I love my job I would always choose Blake.” Keith was stunned, “You would chose him rather than your job? Does he know about this?”

“Every time and no he doesn’t but to let you know he asked me to quit but I won’t. I would only do it if I wanted too. So don’t get any ideas to make me choose.” After this Keith kicked her out of the office.

Blake had finished the painting the open plan area and arranged the new furniture by the time Lexy got out of the lift. Lexy was taken aback when she saw the apartment, “Blake it looks amazing.” 

He wrapped his arms around her, “It took no time at all when I got going. How did the meeting go?” 

Lexy sat on the new sofa and replied, “Keith blew his top but the good thing is I’m now back on holiday. He wants me to decide if I want my job.”
Blake smiled as he sat next to her, “You can stop smiling Mr because I’m going back to work after this holiday.” 

Lying in bed Lexy was looking at the ceiling and started to think, ‘I love him so much and yet there is a wall between us instead of sharing this bed. Every time he touches me all I want is him just to take me. I can imagine his hands as they glide up and down my body while I bite my lip in anticipation of what he’ll do next. I want to taste his blood on my lips, in my veins, how I need that man.’

Blake looked at the wall wondering if Lexy was asleep, ‘I need her but I can’t. All I do is crave her and it’s just getting stronger.’ 

He placed his hands against the wall and in a whisper said; “Lexy I need you.” His need was now very clear by his erection and he felt if he didn’t have Lexy there and then he would stop breathing. He cried out, “Lexy I need you.”

Lexy was the other side of the wall. She could feel his desire for her. 

Lexy slid down the wall trying to ignore every hormone that was waking within her then she heard his voice, “I need you” The door handle twitched and Lexy got up and ran to the door but before she could keep it closed Blake had entered the room, “Why did you ignore me?” Lexy looked at him and said, “I can’t give myself to you.” 

Blake trying to keep his hormones under control leaned against the wall and asked, “Why?” Lexy looked at him and noticed there was something different and couldn’t work out what but answered Blake regardless, “We agreed to wait and it was your idea.”
“I’ve changed my mind. I thought us sharing a place and having separate rooms would work but it can’t unless we share the same bed. But that is not why you are saying no, is it?” 

Blake stepped closer and pulled Lexy towards him and kissed her passionately, “Now tell me.” Lexy could feel the heat between them. She ran her hands across his chest and suddenly realised what was different, Blake had been working out.

“I love you but don’t we need to wait for the right time? Blake tightened his grip and seductively said, “The real reason Lexy.” She looked at him but no words would come out.
“Do you want me to leave?”
“Yes, I mean no but…” Lexy’s hormones were now in overdrive as she looked deep into his eyes. Blake was driving himself crazy just holding her, “Lexy answer me.” 

Lexy decided to share her thoughts because she couldn’t say it out loud and when Blake knew what she wanted his grin widened then he shared his thoughts and without warning kissed her and asked, “Now is it the right time for us?”, waiting for her reply. 


  1. ~ Lexy is feisty with her boss,he was trying to intimidate her!
    ~ You leave it there???
    ~ Come on!!!!!
    ~ Karima(",)

    1. Karima,

      Lexy put Keith in his place lol
      Yes I leave it there but where is there :)
      Awww, next time maybe :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. What! You are so mean making us wait! I bet it has something to do with Blake not wanting to be a father.

    Go Lexy! I'm so glad she stood up for herself with her boss. I like she put him in his place. I also like how she said Blake would always come first, but she loves her job. I see why Keith was upset about her leaving the scene, but he was wrong to threaten her job over it!

    1. Daisies,

      Mean who me, never. Blake not being a Dad....could be. Lexy did stand up to Keith but you are right he should never have told her the job or Blake and luckily she put him straight.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. LOL @ Blake and Lexy unable to sleep. They are such horny toads aren't they? I wonder what they'll get up to now, now that she's shown him what she wants.

    Good for Lexy for knowing (or at least wanting to) how to balance her work and personal life!

    Great update.

    1. Val,

      Yes Blake and Lexy are a right pair lol. They are very horny. What are they planning I wish I knew as they won't tell me. Lexy didn't like the way Keith spoke to her so put he in his place.

      Glad you liked it and thanks for reading :)

  4. Ooo that was a good scene with them on either side of the wall, wanting to each other.

    1. Misty,

      I loved the wall scene and they soooo want each other lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Aw MAN! You left it THERE?!

    *deep breath*

    Her boss has a point, but then so does she.

    Damn, that scene with Blake and Lexi was hot.

    1. Mypalsim,

      Yes I left it there. Keith and Lexy both had a point. I'm glad you liked their scene :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. Blake is Mr Wishy Washy at the end there. Isn't it him that has been saying wait wait wait and now he is asking her? hahahaha

    Lexy should quit the job. It's not worth it. Her fiancee is rich.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Blake is getting desperate lol Yes Blake is rich but will she quit maybe one day, Blake would love it if she did.

      Thanks for reading :)