Tuesday, 27 November 2012

4.3 Samantha's Ghost

Blake was tossing and turning in his bed. Since the night he had killed Sam he was racked with guilt and remorse. The voice in his head kept saying "Why Blake, why?" Then he woke up with start but it wasn't his room, he was somewhere else. It was dark as he looked around that was all he could see darkness. There was no window, no door but he heard the voice again, "Why Blake why?"

Blake screamed in panic, "Who are you? I haven't done anything...show yourself!"
"Murderer...murderer." as the voice echoed louder in the room. Then a figure approached Blake and as the figure got closer he saw who it was, Sam.
"Sam, is it really you?"

"Look at me Blake...I'm dead because of you. Why?"
"You took your love away from me and gave it to someone else but I never meant to kill you, for that I'm so sorry."
"I may have cheated on you but I never deserved to die like this. Do you know why I had the affair? I was lonely. We hadn't made love in a month. You were always tired, busy or doing research. I begged you too take time off but no there was always an excuse that is how I ended up in another man's bed because he noticed me when you didn't."

"I'm so sorry Sam."
"You murdered me Blake and you are sorry..." Sam started to fade away and kept repeating, "You murdered me, you murdered me."

When Blake looked around, suddenly he was back in his room but now he was on the floor with his Dad and William by his side.
"Blake what happened?" Will asked.
Blake was in a state and replied, "I saw Sam and she blames me for what happened. What am I going to do?"
Estevan could see the pain he was in and tried in part to comfort his son, "Listen to me Blake, you shouldn't have killed her in the way you did but remember she is partly to blame for her part in making you feel the way she did. It's just your own guilt playing tricks."
"Dad, I agree what Sam did was wrong but Blake shouldn't have used his powers to kill her."
"We are here for you and will help you in any way we can. I promise." looking at his brother.

Estevan went back to bed leaving the boys to talk and cuddled up to Dawn. A few hours later Dawn found him sitting up in bed, "What's wrong?" Dawn asked
"It's nothing go back to sleep." Dawn went to sit with Estevan and lovingly said, "Talk to me."
He looked at her and said, "I'm leaving town for a few days. Mathew needs my help."
Dawn looked puzzled at this sudden departure and the thoughts that were running through her mind were awful but asked, "What's happened?"
"Going straight like you asked has had a knock on effect. One of the guys attacked Mathew and I need to help him." Dawn suddenly thought, 'He's going to sell drugs again and I fell for it. How stupid am I.'
"Estevan get the police."
"It's not how it works. I told you it is not that easy going straight."
"Estevan you promised..." feeling let down by him.
"The guy needs to be dealt with."
"See if Mathew is ok but call the police."
"Dawn, I can't and I may..."

Dawn now lost her temper with Estevan, "Don't you dare tell me you would deal in drugs again. If you do I won't be here when you get back." Now they were at each other's throats. 

Estevan got dressed while still having an argument and said, "You have to trust me Dawn. I will call you, ok." He tried to kiss her goodbye but she turned her back on him. Estevan heart sank he wanted to explain but didn't have time.

He saw Blair as he was walking towards the stairs, "Haven't you sorted things out with Teddy?"
"No not yet. I gave her till night fall and she hasn't appeared so I guess it's really over. Do you need help as I could real do with a good fight right about now?"
"Thanks but you sound as if you need to sort things out and when you do, make another baby rather than try and kill her."
"Listen..." as he was losing his temper.
"Blair save it and talk to Teddy." 

Blair followed him to the front door and when Estevan opened the door he said, "Talking of Teddy here she is." Letting her inside. "Here's some advice try talking to each other."

"Hi Blair."


  1. Ew, creepy Samantha. I don't think it was his guilt playing tricks on him. Not really.

    Dammit, Dawn! Give the man a little break won'tcha? Geez. He's gone straight. His suppliers are pissed off. He has to go take care o bizness and you gotta think only about yourself!

    Alright Teddy and Blair... out with it. and Teddy... be nice.

    1. Mypalsim,

      Guilt or real Blake must deal with this one way or another.

      Dawn is scared of losing Estevan now she has him. She doesn't understand this part of his life that he is trying to close.

      Teddy nice lol we will see.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. ....I love Dawn and its no secret that I like to jump all over Estevan but the truth is this time Dawn is wrong, she shouldn't jump to conclusions especially after he tells her that his grand-nephew-in-law could be in trouble.

    Lcky I know you didn't just cliffhang me again. I wish I could show you wonderful pout. Now I am off to torment you...

    1. Pixx,

      Dawn is so wrong about this. Estevan is going to help Matt and he wants him to be fine.

      I'm sorry but you will have an update soon promise :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I think Blake needs to confess...to the police, you know what they say, about the truth setting you free. I think that's the only way they'll both be at peace.

    As for Dawn and Estevan, I was hoping their reunion would last for a little while longer.

    1. Val,

      Blake will find his way but confess to police, we will see...lol

      Dawn and Estevan are still sorting out things lets hope they get back on track.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. ~ Woot! Teddy has come to talk! *psst,can not wait to find out how that turns out!
    ~ Dawn,give him a break, he is dealing with family business,that his quitting the "business" (for you!)has caused,a little hiccup, I am sure he can deal with!So you better be there when he gets home!
    ~ Poor Blake,they both need to do something,as two wrongs never make a right!And obviously things are not sorted!
    ~ Love it! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Teddy came to talk I wonder what will happen. Yes, Dawn is giving Estevan a hard time because she is afraid...She has fallen for this guy that was and been on the wrong side of the law for a long time.
      Blake needs to sort this once and for all but I hope he can live with himself when he does.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Poor Blake's in a bad way. And so is Blair. And then, so is Estevan. They are all in bad ways because of girls. Wow, are girls that bad?

    It is too bad Blake killed Samantha, he acted in cold rage. Everyone covering for him though isn't good. I mean, yes, she cheated, but killing her wasn't the solution.
    Teddy has to get over it. She, I have the least sympathy for. She knows how Blair feels about her, so she just needs to grow up and work this out like a big girl.
    Same for Dawn. Her demands have endangered everyone. So selfish to be threatening to leave now.

  6. So many complications! I thought it'd be easier if they went straight, but it isn't. Now Matthew has been hurt. I have to admit that Blake's conversation with Sam made me cry! That situation is so sad, but she was still wrong to cheat on him. She should have broken things off with Blake before she started a relationship with someone else.

    Dawn just doesn't understand that Estevan is trying to change, but it effects his family too! I hope she will have more patience.

  7. Teddy! LOL, I'm glad she came over.
    Samantha's haunting Blake now... that's not good. I bet her ghost is really more unsettled than most, since she might feel guilty for cheating on Blake, but then she's also mad cause he killed her.
    Dawn pretty much drives me crazy, LOL. Life is never so black and white, as she thinks it is. I think that's half the reason people continue doing illegal things, it's because it's so difficult to get out of it, since the illegal thing has intertwined itself and become a part of their life.