Tuesday, 20 November 2012

4.2 Mum's visit

"Please talk to me. You haven't said anything to me in days. Say something..."
"I think you should move out for awhile."
Blair sat in shock, "No, I love you and I won't lose you again."
"Blair I'm different now, we are different and things have changed." 

Blair grabbed her and pulled Teddy close to him and replied, "Teddy look at me. Turning into a vampire does take a bit of getting used to but you will. Now tell me you don't love me anymore and if you can I will walk out of here and you will never see me again."
"You would never see me again. So which is it, do we end the best thing either of us has known or carry on loving each other? You have till night fall to decide."

Blair left the house in a state before Teddy could answer. Teddy was upset, angry and hurt. The man she loved turned her into a vampire and now all her emotions were intensified and it scared her. This love for Blair was overwhelming as was her anger towards him but the thought of never seeing him again scared her. She would have to figure out these feelings and fast.

Estevan was taking Dawn to get her things to move in with him. When Estevan got downstairs he was met by William, "I would ask but I don't want to know. Anyway a woman barged her way in and said she must talk to you immediately."
"Where is this rude woman?"
"In the living room." Estevan was angry that anyone demanded to see him especially since he was in good mood and they were ruining it. 

He walked in ready to lose his temper and there she stood; looking just how he remembered her.
"Estevan you shaved your hair."
"Hi Mum."

Dawn walked in the room and Estevan's mum being rude and blunt said, "This must be your new fling. She is definitely fit for breeding, Estevan."
Dawn snapped, "Who the hell are you? I'm not his fling and not a breeding..."
Estevan interrupted Dawn, "Hun, this is my mother, Daphne Granger. Can you leave us a minute?" Dawn was leaving the room but not before she heard, "How dare you refer to Dawn as a breeding machine. She is my girlfriend, show some respect."

"I was only joking..."
"Do you see anyone laughing, Mum. This is why I cut you out of my life after the way you treated Holly. She could have lost William because of the stress you put on her."

Dawn was outside the room when Will and Blake asked her, "Do you know who she is?"
"Apparently it's your grandmother."
The boys looked at each other and then continued to listen to the shouting match coming from the room.

"Why do you block your mind all the time?" Daphne asked
"I have my reasons."
"You are going to have to tell the truth soon..."
"Mum just drop it."
"No I won't. The boys need to know the truth and so does..."

"Don't you dare...?"
"Dare, what? Speak the truth. I'm sorry I hurt you..."
"Hurt me. No. I was devastated that I finally learnt the reason Dad never saw me was because he was married and I only found out that because he turned up on my door step six months before he died and told me everything. When I confronted you, you acted like it was no big deal. You lied to me."

"I am sorry but you need to tell what you know or I will."
Estevan stormed out of the room. Will pulled his Dad aside and said, "Heard everything by the way but talk about that later. Spoke to Matt earlier and Darren turned up threatening him and beat the crap out of him telling him to say to you, 'No-one pulls out of a deal.' I think he needs help."
"I'll sort it out. I'll leave in the morning but I'll let Matt know I'm on my way. Dawn's moving in so I'm helping her today but in the mean time keep an eye on my mother."

Estevan was about to leave when Blair turned up. "Teddy wants me to move out."
"Blair give her time. Teddy will come around."
"I told her to tell me by tonight. I can't take it anymore the silence, the anger in her face."
"What did you expect? She would be ok after this. Teddy needs time to figure all this out and..."

Daphne interrupted the conversation, "Hello, I'm Daphne. Estevan's mum and you must be Blair? I heard Estevan mention your name. I hear your marriage is over, shame. There is always someone else out there."
"Blair I'm sorry for her..." 

Blair didn't wait to hear the rest as he turned on Daphne, "Listen, I'm very married and I love my wife. Estevan is right she will come around but if you think I would do anything with an old hag like you then think again."
"Estevan are you going to let him speak to me like that?"
"Mum, I think Blair said it really well. Same old story isn't it. Throw yourself at any man. At least I allow myself to love."
"Blair stay here if you need too. Mum I hope you are gone by the time I get back."


  1. LOL @ Daphne. You'd think with age behind her she'd act with a bit more tact and class. I feel sorry for Estevan, now that his mother's bulldozed her way in, I have a feeling it's going to be very hard to get rid of her.

    1. Val,

      Estevan's mum turning up spells trouble and the fact they haven't seen or spoken in just over 30 years shows how strained their once close relationship has become. I hope Estevan can stand the pressure of her being back.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. ~ She is nasty,I wonder what was said & what the boys overheard!
    ~ It sounds big or bad!?
    ~ Poor Teddy & Blair,she loves him,but she is still angry with him fore turning her,Blair,give her time,otherwise she will make the wrong decision!
    ~ She is torn! I hope she makes the right choice!
    ~ Love it & want MORE, now!(",)

    1. Karima,

      The boys wants to know why Dad never talked about her also why they never saw her. I think she is trouble with a capital T.
      Blair and Teddy are in a bad way but Blair needs to see this is hard on her. Will he give her time I don't know...Will she reach out to him time will tell. More will come soon.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I freakin love Daphne!!!! Poor Estevan a million things fell down on his head at the same time lol, I'm surprised he didn't literally toss everyone outside. Yay! Dawn is moving in :D Step 1 huh? *hint hint*

    1. Pixx,

      Daphne is a great character but she does have a soft side too. Estevan was so happy until his Mum ruined his day. He knows why she is back and he resents her for it. Dawn is moving in but will it last?

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Wow, one word, just Wow!
    Who's the parent here? Estevan or Daphne! That was ridiculous! She's a piece of work! Dawn went into attack mode! Blair went into 'Yuck' mode! Haha, I'm still reeling!

    Whoo, Teddy is a mess. And because she's so confused about being a vamp, the heightened senses of both anger and love, she is actually pushing the one person away that is able to help her, Blair!

    Great! I knew this was going to happen. A deal fall-back! Estevan better not get caught up in this. I foresee this ending bad with Dawn, who just agreed to move in btw, and his own life. It's true, you're never really out when you've been dealing drugs, but come on!


    1. JM,

      Dawn didn't like being referred to as a breeding machine but no woman has ever been good enough for her son and she tries to put all of his woman in there place but it has never worked. Blair hates her and I can't Blame him either.

      Teddy is very confused at the moment and doesn't know which way to go but you are right Blair would help her every step of the way but will she see that? Estevan deal again I hope not or I can not see Dawn in his future.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. I'm not positive how I'm reacting to Blair and Teddy's issue. I can see both perspectives.

    estavan's mom looks like trouble. And geez woman! You just met Blair n u throw urself at him? Slut.


    Loved all the emotion in this chapter. :-)

  6. Mypalsim,

    Blair and Teddy are going through a rough patch and I know what you mean about seeing it from both sides but I hope they will work things out.

    Daphne is trouble but it is not the first time she has met Blair but throwing herself at Blair...There is a weird reason for that :)

    Thanks for reading :)

  7. I see why Estevan doesn't have anything to do with his mother! She is a shrew!

    I so hope that Teddie forgives Blair. He may need to give her more time though.

  8. Wow, Teddy's being a little rash here, I feel. LOL.
    I mean they're married, I feel like she should try a little harder to work on the relationship first, rather than just running away. I also kind of think that since she's a new vampire, having her vampire husband around to help her adjust to the change would be good.
    Estevan's mom is... different LOL. She's got a strange sense of humor, I can see why she doesn't get along with people very well.