Tuesday, 12 June 2012

3.5 Misunderstanding

Wrapping his arms around her Will said, "So what do we need to talk about?" Heather had been dreading this conversation but knew if she didn't tell him then it would drive them apart and she couldn't bare to lose him again.

"This is hard but I have to tell you. When I saw the Doctor he told me I didn't need to have weekly visits anymore..."
"Darling you told me this already."

"Will, please this is hard enough. He also told me I couldn't have children." Will was in shock and upset. His dreams of having a family were crumbling right in front of him and all he could do was sit there listening to Heather tell him. "After losing the baby he said I must of had an infection so can no longer have a child. He wants me to have more tests to make sure the blood tests weren't wrong but what's the point? If I can't have..." 

Will was hurt and angry and yelled, "What's the point? The point is we want a family; a baby and you don't want the tests to make sure. Sounds like you have made up your mind that this is it. You take it at face value we can't have a baby and don't want to make sure."

"Will, it's not like that."
"Really because it sounds like it." William went to walk out the door when Heather grabbed him and asked, "Please let's talk about this."

"Talk. You've made up your mind about having children without me so there isn't anything left to say is there?"
"You don't understand I want a baby, a baby with you but if the blood test came back to say I can't have a child, how is that going to change?"

"If you don't have the test to make sure then we will never know."
Heather went to answer Will but there was a knock at the door. Still angry Will said, "I'll get it." Heather went back to the living room not knowing how to fix this; she never thought that Will, would take this so hard. Until now she never thought that he wanted children as much as he did.

When the door opened Heather was shocked to see her doctor with William. "Doctor Smith, what are you doing here? I didn't think you made house calls."
William offered him a seat and he replied, "I don't normally but I've been trying to call you."
Heather looked concerned, "Is something wrong?"
"Is it ok to talk in front of your husband?" Heather answered "Yes."

"Remember I asked you to have more tests...Umm there was a mix up in the lab where we send the blood sample to for testing. I had to re-send what sample of your blood I had left back to the lab. It seems we mixed you results up with someone else...Poor woman."
"It's not Teddy Green?" Heather asked.
"Teddy who? Oh no...It's not her."
"Look the reason I came here...the tests they came back fine you can still have children." The relief they both felt was indescribable. William was relieved that there was still a chance to be a Dad after all and Heather couldn't wait to start trying again.
"There is just one thing."

"What is that doc?" Will asked.
"When I said you can have children; what I meant by that was you are already expecting a baby. We need to do a test to see how far along you are but we double checked the results to make sure before giving you the information. So come to the surgery tomorrow and we will see how many weeks you are."

When Will came back into the room he pulled Heather close and said in a whisper, "I can't believe this we were expecting all this time."
"I'm sorry..."
Will stopped her and said, "You need to rest and take it easy. No stressing over anything. This baby is staying. Now we just have to tell my Dad."

Estevan was at the grind waiting for the new interior decorator to arrive. William was supposed to deal with this but he told his Dad, Heather had to go to the doctors and he was going with her to make sure everything was ok. Estevan hated dealing with this side of the business but agreed to meet this person.
When the door opened Estevan shouted "You are late."
"I'm sorry. My car broke down I had to wait for a taxi." she told him.
"I'm not interested in excuses. You work for me I expect you to be on time. Miss..." waiting for an answer.
"Dawn Star."

"Do you have a portfolio I can see before I hire you?" He demanded.
Dawn threw her Ipad at him as something in her snapped, "Here is my damn portfolio, you self centred jackass. I don't give a damn who you think you are but I will never be spoken to like that. My work is of a high standard and if you don't like my work just say it because I haven't got all day. Now you have seen my work give me my ipad back."

Estevan stood surprised at her outburst and usually anyone spoke to him like that they got a mouth full back, or given a beating but he never laid a finger on any woman like that.  "I like what I see your hired." giving back her Ipad.

"Thank you Mr Granger."
"My name is Estevan."
Dawn looked shocked, "I was supposed to meet a William Granger."
"Sorry he couldn't make it. I'm his father."
"You a father..." Estevan didn't like where this conversation was going.
"I have two sons but you will be either dealing with William or my business partner Blair. We are building a new club and need it designed and this is where you come in. So William will be contacting you shortly."

Estevan called at William's house and asked what was going on, "Dad, Heather is pregnant."
He hugged Heather and said, "Congratulations. How many months are you?"
Heather told him, "8 weeks."
"Does Blake and Sam know yet?"
"I tried calling at the house but he wasn't there. How was the meeting?" Heather needed to follow doctor's orders and rest so she left them to talk.

"That woman yelled at me the nerve."
"She was good looking?" William asked.
"What?" raising his voice.
"Blake met her when she decorated an office at his lab. Said he may be able to get her more work. She did ask him if was hitting on her but he told this was above board. He told me she would be good for you and the new club."

"My boys set me up."
"Come on Dad. You can't be alone forever. Tell me is she good looking."
"If I tell you, will you drop the subject?" William agreed.
"In answer to your question she is very beautiful and has striking eyes."
"You really did notice her. You hired her as well."
"I did hire her but you will be dealing with her." William had no intention of dealing with Miss Star. He and Blake had come this far and they were determined to at least see their Dad on a date.

Dawn Star bio is on the characters page above, if you would like to know more. :)


  1. ah-ha! a set up :) This will be fun :)

    William sort of went a little wild there at the beginning. Unbelievable that the medical clinic made such a horrible mistake.

    1. Zhippidy,

      The boys setting up their Dad, yes it should be fun
      William was angry at Heather for just accepting what she was told. The surgery do make a huge mistake but put things right :)

  2. Congrats to Will and Heather! Looks like Estevan has met his future.

    1. Val,

      I think will and Heather will make good parents and Estevan meeting his future maybe :)

  3. ~ Ha!ha! I get it now! Yes a fiery start to their meeting!
    ~ Miss Star & Estevan have a fun ride ahead of them,more bumpy than not as they butt heads against each other!There is sparks there!
    ~ I knew it,I just knew it,YES she is pregnant*high five*YEAH!
    ~ I loved it even though you tricked me,(& others!LOL!)MORE!!!!!!(",)

    1. Karima,

      Tricked!!! tut tut me never Lol. Yes Heather is expecting and the first meeting very bumpy but you are right there are sparks...Question is will he get what he wants :)

      Thanks for coming up with Dawn's name and reading :)

  4. I'm so happy Will and Heather are expecting!

    Estevan got set up/snicker, we'll have to see how this goes, he won't make it easy though I'm betting=)...edenz~

  5. Edenz,

    I think Will and Heather are happy as well :)

    Estevan make it easy I don't think so lol

    Thanks for reading :)

  6. I swear!!! I love Dawn, Estevan has certainly met his match with that one lol. She'll give him a run for his money and then some!

    1. Pixx,

      Dawn is great and you have hit the nail on the head she will keep him on his toes :)

      Thanks for reading

  7. So good for William and Heather! They are starting their family! You had me scared for a minute!

    You were so right about Dawn. She is gorgeous and fiery!

    1. Daisies,

      Will and Heather are expecting their first baby and are really excited about it. Dawn is a good person and I think Estevan has met his match in her.

      Thanks for reading :)

  8. Teehee, Estevan got set up. That was a strange meeting with Dawn, how she just yelled at him right away. LOL. Wow, the doctor came in at just the right moment, didn't he? =D