Tuesday, 24 April 2012

2.16 Games

Blair couldn't sleep so he went to watch some TV and when that didn't work he tried to read a book. The furniture was starting to move again and he'd had about all he could take. "Fucking go away. Leave me in peace." as he yelled at Elvira. Then he started talking to himself, she was a nightmare alive but now she's even worse dead.

He called Estevan and told him, "I'm going away for a few days so you will have to manage the clubs."
"What's going on Blair?"
"Elvira is back and driving me crazy."
"Yeah that's right the bitch is back." so clean up your mess and get rid of her or I'm gone for good."
"I'll see what I can do! How long will you be gone for?"
"Haven't decided but I'm off as of now. I'll phone when I get back."
Blair packed a bag and took off on his bike. He past Teddy as she walked alone. He glanced at her but carried on without stopping. He needed time to think. He had no intention of going home any time soon.

Teddy knocked on Blair's door but there no answer. She walked back to her home a little deflated that he wasn't there. Her mobile went buzz and there was texted message and it read, 'I miss you darling. I'm sorry. I will be there soon.' She panicked at the message, frantic it was her ex. Teddy didn't want to see him as she knew what was going to happen he would be all loving, give her the speech you need to be looked after and then he would lock her in the house without anyway of contacting the outside world. Then he would date other woman as if he was single.

She tried ringing Blair and it kept ringing. She said out loud, "Blair where are you?" The phone started to ring the ID said Blair, she answered it almost in tears, "Blair I'm in trouble!"
"What's wrong?"
"My ex says he coming home. I'm scared. What do I do?" Blair thought for moment, what should he do turn around and help her or keep going?
"Teddy, where are you?"
"At my house."
"Listen to me. Get to my house and let yourself with the spare key and lock the door and I'll be there shortly."

He turned around and headed back to his place. His mind was racing. All sorts of thoughts were going through his head, why was he helping her, was it love, friendship or did he feel sorry for her. When he got home he saw her curled up in his bedroom.
"Teddy are you ok?" as he sat beside her.

"No, I'm not." Blair got her onto the bed and held her as she let the fear drain her emotionally. This was new to him. His only experience was Elvira and that wasn't anything to brag about. Then there was Heather but although he had feelings for her and told her he loved her this was different. He tried to push things with Heather and lost her because of his stupidity and one night stands for him were just that.
What was he thinking he was at the airport when he returned her call and heard her in a state. Whatever this was  he was going to go with the flow this time.
"I need to go away for awhile. You can stay here while I'm gone."
"Go. Go where?"
"This place is getting to me and I need to get away." He wanted to yell and argue with her but he thought better of it.
"Please stay with me."
"No. I can't but stay here make yourself at home and when I get back we will talk." as he brushed his hand through her hair.
She looked at him upset and said, "When are you going?"
"Now." Teddy went to kiss him but he pulled away and walked through the door and didn't look back.

Mathew had recently had his birthday and was now arguing with Spencer about his curfew. He felt he should be allowed more time out with his friends but Spencer refused to give in to his demands.
"You need to concentrate on your school work."
"And not have a life. I want to see more of my mates. Dad I'm not a baby anymore."
"I hate to butt in but can you two keep things down." Estevan asked.
"I know you need to sort things out but I need to work as Blair is away and the arguing seems to be getting worse."

"I want to live with Aunt Heather!"
"They are away on honeymoon. So guess what you have to stay here with me." raising his voice to Mathew. They stormed out each slamming a door. Leaving Estevan just standing there.
Teddy spent the next week cleaning Blair's house as she had nothing better to do. She'd phoned in sick as she was too afraid to go outside the front door in case her ex saw her. She tried to phone Blair but his phone was switched off. She tried to enter Blair's room but it was locked. She received another texted and it read, 'Darling, why weren't you there? You better not be seeing anyone.' and that was only the start. 

The phone rang the ID said unknown but she answered it as she thought it may be Blair, "Hi."
"Darling, where are you?"
"Go away."
"You are my girl and you need to be with me."
"No. I don't love you."
"Now you know that you do. Come to the house and we can talk."
"Listen stay away from me and my house."
"It's my house and I'm waiting for you." She put the phone down and this time she was shaking. Then she heard a noise outside, Teddy looked out the window but couldn't see anything. She stepped back knocking herself against the chair but she kept her eye on the front door as the handle began to turn and she watched the door slowly opened. 


  1. Looks like Matthew is going through the terrible teens=), his dad is right but not giving him any freedom is not good either, they need to make a compromise/nod.

    Oh dear, i think Blair may be having feelings for Teddy and fighting them. Maybe some thinking time will do him good, hopefully his heart has heal;ed enough to let let him love..

    I do hope Estevan can get rid of Elvira, she was a big enough pain in life, i can only imagine how bad she is in death=b.

    I hope that door knob turning is either Blair coming back or Estevan after Elvira....her ex had no way of knowing about Blair or where he lived i don't think....edenz~

  2. Edenz,

    Mathew is growing fast and Spencer is still trying to hold on too tight.

    Blair is trying to fight these feelings, time away might be just what he needs hopefully he can figure it all out!!
    Elvira coming back hasn't helped Blair and now Estevan has too get rid of her but he will need to come up with a plan.
    After that call Teddy is very frightened and doesn't know what to do but who is behind the door you will find out next time :)

  3. Whoa! So much was going on in this chapter! I hope when Blair comes back Elvira's gone too. She is a pain in the you know what! As for Teddy's ex, he better pray Blair doesn't get wind of him.

    1. Val,

      Elvira gone haha she will do her best to stick around...
      Teddy's ex is up to his old tricks with Teddy but your right if Blair catches him it won't be good lol

  4. Teddy no! O: ... and poor blair,... but teddy D:

  5. HappyMint,

    I know poor Teddy. She really does need Blair asap.

  6. Oh No! It looks like he found Teddy! I hope that Blair gets home before her ex can harm her!

    1. Daisies,

      It seems Teddy is trouble and she needs Blair's help badly. Question is though will she be saved ??

  7. I hope it is not Teddy's ex. He wouldn't know where to look, unless he followed? I hope she isn't afraid of ghosts! Elvira wouldn't be nice I don't think. Blair has lots to think on.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Teddy is in trouble and needs Blair at the moment. I hope Elvira doesn't scare her though. Poor Blair does have a lot on his plate.

  8. I still love Matthew.
    ..I'm kinda warming up to the idea of Blair being with Teddy now.
    I'll bet it's his guilt making him see Elvira's ghost. That's what you get Blair!

    1. MyzKrazyMa,

      Mathew is a hand full but loveable :)

      We are warming to Teddy now, glad to see :)

      Blair guilty lol I doubt it :)

  9. Aww haha, whoa Teddy's ex seems so creepy. The suspense with that story line is really good. I wonder who's at the door. o_0 LOL. Poor Matthew, feels annoyed because he is a teenager and he wants more freedom. Balancing school and friends is always a challenge. Curfews do suck, but I understand why parents need them. Eww, Elvira... hahaha, she's so mean annoying the shit out of Blair even when she's dead. I wonder what Estevan will do or if he can even get rid of her since she's a ghost.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Teddy's ex is very creepy, yes who is at the door. I know I wouldn't answer the door after those texts and calls. Mathew is very young and a typical teen because as you say he wants his freedom. Mathew really hates curfews and wants more lol. Estevan and Blair hate Elvira with a passion lol. Her coming back is not good for either of them, what will Estevan do good question.

      Thanks for reading :)