Tuesday, 26 August 2014

6.17 Right treatment for Draco

Teddy sat there thinking of when the bond had been broken and what effect it had on her and Draco. When she had check-ups they would always say the baby is doing well and he’s a fighter. If he is fighter, then why isn’t he telling his mother that he needs help? Teddy could see in the eyes but Draco was trying to keep up this fa├žade of tough guy but he was also scared.

Teddy had, had enough so she decided that she was going to confront him and get to the truth. Teddy had tried ringing him and speaking through her mind but he wasn’t answering either way.

When she finally found Draco the sight that greeted her was one that no mother should see. 

Her only son was in a pool of blood with a knife beside him, Teddy froze and panic swept through her body as she screeched out in pain. Teddy ran over to her son and cradled him in her arms, “My baby boy, what have you done?” 

Draco didn’t open his eyes but in a whisper said, “Mummy, you came for me. El…” Draco suddenly stopped talking as he tried to lift his arm.
“Who is El? Oh please don’t die Draco, Mummy loves you please stay with me.” Teddy was now in tears. 

Suddenly a ghost approached her and said softly, “You are the ghosthunter?” Teddy stopped crying and asked, “Who did this to my son?”
“Mam, he did it to himself.”
“My son would NEVER kill himself!”
“In our world as you know we see many things, he did this to himself but it was strange…”
“Strange how?” Blair and Estevan had arrived after they both heard Teddy’s cries for help. 

They saw Teddy cradling Draco and Blair had this pang of guilt sweep over him and almost in the ghost’s face repeated, “Strange how?”
“He argued with himself, saying he’d lost everything but he didn’t want to die. At one stage he said you can’t make me. As ghosts, we see a lot of strange things, I was close to your father in death and I know he is David’s grandson. This is why I paid more attention. We can do things not even a vampire can do.”
David appeared in the graveyard with Daphne and said, “Get to the point; we want to save Draco’s life.”

“Teddy, he said El to you, am I right?”
She looked at the ghost and replied, “Yes…”
“He can be saved but only his parents can save him but keep him unconscious…”
“Why?” Blair butted in.
“Because Blair, El was only part of the name and as he was fighting himself or so I thought, I stepped inside him and then quickly ran out before I was seen. Elvira is controlling your son, now help him before she kills him and takes over his body.”
 Draco started to open his eyes but Estevan got to Draco first as he knelt down and said, “This is for your own good my boy,” as he punched him out cold. They strapped his wrists together as Teddy force blood in his mouth.
“Blair, he is going to be ok, right?” He looked helpless at his wife and for the first time was speechless for words.

The family doctor was waiting at the hospital. He asked them to lay Draco on the bed and leave. The doctor took samples of Draco’s blood, then sent them to the lab for testing. Dr Lane knew the family well and to see Teddy like this broke his heart.
“Teddy, you know I will do everything for Draco that I can.”
“Please save my baby.” He looked at Blair as Teddy cried into his chest and Blair said trying to keep it together for Teddy’s sake, “I was so hard on him, looking back he tried to tell me but I ignored my own son, please doc what are his chances?”
“Right now he needs both you and Teddy but if we are to believe you and proceed with this course of treatment, you have to be honest with me, do you understand?” 

Blair looked at Estevan and he nodded.
“Doc, I’m Blair’s younger brother, Estevan and if we are to tell you what we know, may I suggest a private room to explain.”
Teddy watched as they went into the room and explained the version of events that took place the day they got rid of Elvira.

“So, what you are telling me is that Draco as a teen got into a fight with Elvira because she attacked a girl he liked?”
“Yes and we think this event has caused this but the only way to confirm it would be the girl, Torri. Turning Elvira human wouldn’t have been the cause.”
“Can I speak to Torri?”

Daphne looked at the doctor and said, “She took off and who can blame her, the man she is madly in love with, from her perspective treated her badly so she wanted out. The real Draco may have not treated her so shamefully but unless Torri knows the truth and sees him again she will never be able to decide for herself.”
“Then seen as we cannot confirm what really happen, I will go with your thoughts on Elvira. Somehow transferring her blood into his bloodstream and contaminating Draco. Blair you and Teddy will both have to give a pint of blood each, at hourly intervals.”
“Then you can start with me first.” 

Blair followed the Doctor when Daphne held Estevan back, “Mum, Blair needs me.”
“I know he does that’s why I held you back. You need to help Blair by helping Draco.” Estevan looked at his Mum and replied, “What do you mean?”
“I asked around about Torri’s whereabouts and the information I got back is not good, really not good.”


  1. He punched him???! Whoa! Why not just compel him to sleep?
    Oh this is a nightmare :(
    Blair is feeling guilt, and he should. But then, if Draco hadn't done this, they would not have known what was happening till it was way too late.

    1. Zhippidy,

      Estevan did punch him but that was him thinking quickly. It is a nightmare. Blair is feeling guilty about Draco but you are right if Draco hadn't done this then they may never have known.

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. I was hoping Draco wouldn't use the knife but since he did it might be for the best. Now he is getting the help he so desperately needs. I hope once the replace all his contaminated blood this will be the end of Elvira. She's like a broken record destroy Blair and his family, enough already evil lady just stay dead!
    I kind of feel sorry for Blair, yes he should feel guilty for not attempting to listen to his son but how could he know that his son was being controlled by Elvira? So glad Teddy went searching for her son and found him in time.

    1. DandyLion240,

      Draco used the knife because he had no choice but now he will get the help he really needs. Elvira is a broken record lol and you are right stay dead for good this time. I'm glad there is a little sympathy for Blair and again so glad Teddy found him.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Finally Draco is able to get some help from his family, ok so it's not the best way possible, and he's unconscious, but YAY! So awful that is had to happen the way it is though.
    WOW, I so hope that Torri is alright, bad news is never something you want to hear, especially since she might hold the answers they need as well.

    1. IvoryButterfly,

      It wasn't the best way to get help but at least the family know what is really going on. Torri alright!!!! I hope so for her sake. They do need to speak to her but hopefully they can speak to her and soon.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I hope they can reach Torri in time to get her before she marries that guy!

    1. Mypal,

      Torri getting married...will they be able to stop her, I wonder!!!

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Finally, there's a light at the the end of the tunnel. I still don't like Draco, but I'm rooting for him to pull through.

    1. Val,

      Yes there is a light but still mad at Draco I see lol

      Thanks for reading :)