Tuesday, 22 July 2014

6.14 A second date

“I’m nervous about meeting your Dad?” 

Art brushed her hair back and watched it fall back into place and sweetly replied, “Stop worrying.”
“What if he doesn’t like me?”
“He is going to love you,” he just stared into her eyes and then saw her soft lips; he knew he had to have her there and then. Art could never get tired of their intimate moments and wanted her all over again so he smiled at her with a grin that she knew well. Ellen didn’t want sex again not because she didn’t like it but it would be their third time in two hours and she was now very sore and didn’t know how much more she could take. 

She felt his soft lips on hers and felt his hands roam her body once again and thought, ‘If I say no, what will he think of me?’

He stripped her down to her underwear again and sweetly said, “I can never get tired of this.” Ellen looked into his eyes and brushed her hand against his cheek and softly replied, “I hope you won’t.”

William was on his second date with Victoria. As she leaned into his chest he closed his eyes savouring this moment as he thought he’d never be doing this again after Heather’s death. “Isn’t it a beautiful view?” He put his arms around her and quietly replied, “I couldn’t agree with you more.”
“Blake and Lexy have invited us to dinner, would you want to go?” 

Victoria turned around, “Are you sure…I mean it’s only our second date?”
“I’d really like you to meet Blake and Lexy properly as my girlfriend.”
“Oh,” Victoria was taken aback by the word girlfriend. She hadn’t seen or dated anyone since the night he had finally asked her out. “I take it your my boyfriend then?” Will laughed and said, “I suppose I am. Wow its strange saying that again.”
“What, Boyfriend/girlfriend?”
“Yes, I mean don’t you think I’m too old for that title.” Victoria giggled slightly, “You don’t act old, so no, you’re not too old to be a boyfriend.”

“In that case…,” he pulled Victoria closer to him and thought, ‘I hope I haven’t forgotten how to do this.’ Then put his lips on hers closing his eyes finally letting his senses guide him. He felt her soft lips beneath his and as her lips slightly parted, he began to trace her tongue with his own, matching each move with her and as their lips finally separated he saw her eyes open and just smile at him.

“Wow, that was some kiss umm…,” Victoria suddenly got up and started to look around when Will got up and said, “Are you ok?”
She suddenly became shy and said, “No-one has ever kissed me like that and suddenly I wanted…,” trailing off mid-sentence. Will smiled to himself but held his composer as he said, “It’s ok, there is no rush…” but she interrupted him and said, “I need to be honest with you,” she paused for a moment and then added, “I’ve never been with anyone…I’m a virgin.” Will tried to act shock but it was like she could read his face. “OMG, you knew didn’t you?”
“That night when Nathan was over…he told us.” 

Victoria turned away from him upset, “Your brother Blake also knows, O great…what must they think?”
“Blake’s not like that and Nathan well he’s just worked out he hasn’t been with a yucky girl yet.” 

Victoria suddenly laughed and turned to Will and said, “A what!”
 “He thinks all girls are yucky, he hasn’t worked them out yet but at least you’re smiling.” 

He looked at her as she said softly, “You must think it’s stupid at 25 being a virgin.”
“I think it’s sweet that you haven’t rushed this, not many people would hold out for the right person, and this is why there is no rush.” 

They left their things and took a walk across the beach enjoying just being together. Will finally spoke, breaking the silence, “Are you ok, as you’ve quite a while?”
Victoria didn’t look at him and said, “I was just thinking about what you said among other things.”
“I said I was ok with you not being with anyone and what else were you thinking about?”
“Lots of things, us, the twins, my parents…”
“What about your parents?”
“We are so distant yet you are so close with your Dad.”
“We are close yes but we’ve had our fights too. At one stage he tried to control my life and almost ruined my marriage to Heather but we came through it. We aren’t perfect Victoria, I mean what family is?”
“True but it has got me to think maybe I should make more of an effect with them.”
“Why don’t you ring and speak to them and take it from there.” 

Victoria wrapped her arms around him and replied sweetly, “Thank you.”
“What for?”
“Listening to me…”

He kissed her softly and quietly said, “What are boyfriends for?”


  1. Things are moving along.... Hard to believe Art is grown up.. Where do the days go? ;)
    William seems to have come out of his shell nicely. Orrrrr... too nicely? ^_^

    1. Zhippidy,

      Art has grown up and although I love that there is a part that is sad about it. William has come out of his shell, I mean it has been 5 years lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. So glad that William is giving Victoria a chance. They make a nice couple and I hope it works out for them. William deserves to be happy.

    1. DandyLion240,

      William had to give Victoria a chance or they would have missed out on so much. He does deserve to be happy.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the second-to-last picture!
    Ellen needs to learn to speak up. Art would hate to know he was hurting her, and he'd hate even more to find out it was just because she wasn't communicative with him.
    William and Victoria are so sweet together. :)

    1. Mypal,

      It is a good picture. Ellen is scared of speaking up. Art would not like to think he was hurting her at all. I agree William and Victoria make a great couple

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. Easy there Art, Ellen's not going anywhere and you can have all the sex you want once she's rested. Jeez, so much enthusiasm!

    Victoria and William's date was sweet.

    1. Val,

      Art loves Ellen a lot but I don't think he realises he's wearing her out lol. I'm glad everyone likes William and Victoria together.

      Thanks for reading :)