Tuesday, 13 August 2013

5.2 Tell me your name

Lexy woke up early. When she looked at her phone there were lots of missed calls from Estevan. She glanced over and Blake was still sleeping. Lexy dialled his number and waited for the rant to begin, “Hi Estevan.”
“Lexy…Congratulations.” Lexy was in shock that there was no rant, “Thank you, it means a lot.”
“Are you happy?”

“I’m very happy. I’m sorry we didn’t have the big wedding but we didn’t see the point but we had pictures done.”
“I’ll have to buy you a wedding gift…”
“Estevan, please the kitchen was more than generous.”
“Lexy that was a moving in together gift now you are officially my daughter in-law I must buy you and Blake a gift. Is there anything you need or want?”
“Nothing, because I have what I want Blake.” Estevan smiled as he said his goodbyes to Lexy and hung up.

Blake was still sleeping so Lexy opened the draw to find something to wear. She hadn't even pulled out any clothes when she felt Blake put his arms around her. 

“Hay you; I’m surprised you are up after yesterday.” Lexy smiled, “I couldn’t sleep.”
“Well in that case come back to bed and I’ll keep you up longer.”
“Don’t you want to see the sights?”

Blake laughed and sweetly said, “I’m looking at my favourite sight right now,” then he lifted her up onto the dresser and started to make love to her.

Harmony was chatting with her best friend, “Did you kiss him yet?”
“Kiss that’s for babies Harm, he and I went further!” Harmony was stunned, “How much further?”
“I let him touch my boobs…” Harmony looked puzzled. Kerry rolled her eyes, “My breasts Harmony…he touched them and oh wow it felt great.” Harmony felt sick, “That’s gross, and how could you let him. I mean you are so young.”

“But we are in love stupid, I mean he told me, now why would a guy lie about that?”
“I don’t know,” Harmony responded. Suddenly they heard a noise from behind him and Kerry asked, “And you are?”

“Hi I’m Ty.” He sat down in the hopes they would talk to him but they just ignored his presence. When the girls got up Kerry said her goodbyes to Harmony and left. 

Harmony started to walk home but Ty followed her, “Hay you never said your name back there.” Harmony looked at him with disgust and replied, “Go away.”
Ty continued to follow her and said, “I only asked your name.”

Harmony could feel the anger build inside and yelled, “Get lost.” Ty had been ignored his whole life and now this beautiful girl wouldn’t even give him her name. 

He had to know and now, he grabbed her and calmly said, “Please tell me your name because then I can kiss you.” Harmony didn’t like his tone and refused to play his game.
“Let go of me Ty.”
“See you remember my name. Now I’m not going to try anything, I just want to know your name.”
“I don’t want to tell you.”

Ty let her go and just stared at her with hurt in his eyes. Harmony didn’t know how to handle this attention and decided he was not going to take advantage of her again so she quickly kneed Ty and started to run. As Ty fell to the floor he rolled on the floor nursing his private parts and watched her run away and in squeak like voice said to himself, “What a woman.”

Harmony slammed the door as she walked in and she picked up Draco, “Boys are horrible. They think they can do what they like,” as she turned to her Mum.

Teddy was about to answer when Blair butted in, “You are not allowed to date, is that understood?” Harmony rolled her eyes and thought, ‘Here we go again.’

Teddy got Blair’s attention and looked into his eyes and softly said, “If every girl listened to their father’s, men like you would be starved of female company. Now be honest could you live without us.”
“That is different, Harmony is my daughter and no boy is allowed to even think of her in that way.”
Harmony coughed to get their attention, “Can’t you not kiss anymore it’s gross. It’s bad enough that I have a baby brother and I know how he got here.” Teddy went bright red and Blair was furious, “How do you know about that?”
“Oh you mean sex; we started our sex education last week.”

Blair exploded, “You never mention that word in this house again is that clear?” 

Harmony snapped at her Dad, “And I’ll never hear disgusting noises coming from your bedroom again?”

Blair’s eyes were now turning red, “Go to your room and never talk back to me like that again.” After she slammed her door, Blair fell onto the sofa and said, “Where has my little girl gone?”


  1. Oh my oh my!!!! Blair went ballistic! *LOLOLOLOLOL* I love that picture Hhahahaha!!!! I know it's not funny, but it is.... haha Mr calm and collected lost his cool.... but poor Ty, wow, he doesn't need to look at Harmony any further. That Dad will certainly make him pee his pants. *LOL* (poor kid, always ignored)

    1. Zhippidy,

      Blair was on top form lol, the picture was very fitting. Ty likes Harmony and will continue to push things with Harmony while trying not to annoy Daddy Blair but he has no idea who her father is yet lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Blake wakes up happy =D He's seeing all the sights he wants!

    :O Harmony grew up! And so pretty! Ty seemed creepy, but I had to LOL at the "What a woman!" comment of his.

    Bwaha. Poor Blair. She's out of his control no matter what, he better learn to deal with it better than that.

    1. Misty,

      Blake is enjoy his new life and bride :) Harmony is very pretty. Ty isn't creepy but if you go by his looks then I understand why but believe me when I say never judge a book by it's cover because he will surprise you. Blair wants to protect his little girl but she is growing up fast so yes he will have to deal with it lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. This was so funny!

    What a bad beginning for Ty. She kneed him in the groin. I'm still laughing!

    Harmony is a beautiful girl and Blair is dreaming if he thinks boys won't notice that. His expression was so funny! Harmony doesn't seem quite into boys yet. She's still at the thinking their yucky stage! Ty may have to win her over. He's a cute boy, and he seems very determined!

    1. Daisies,

      Yes Harmony kneed him in the groin, glad you saw the funny side as I did :)Blair thinks he can stop her dating, good luck with that. Ty will try very hard to win her over and glad you see him as cute because you won't be disappointed.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. ~ Hahaha! Still laughing at Blair's anger at his daughter for even mentioning a boy!LOL!
    ~ The Groin kick seems to have had the opposite affect on Ty,with his parting remark,"what a woman"
    ~ I have the feeling he is not going to give up!I think Daddy Blair may be a brick wall though!
    ~ I can not wait to see what happens next!LOL!
    ~ Harmony grew up so pretty!
    ~Blake does not need to see the sights, he has all the sights he needs to see right there with him!Love it!
    ~ Loved to see where Ty fits in!LOL! Or not! (",)

    1. Karima,

      Blair hates that Harmony is growing up but he forgets she has her mothers looks so boys will look at her. The kneeing of groin meant Ty suddenly saw something there and is even more determined to get to know her. Blair maybe the brick wall if he finds out lol. You'll see what happens soon, promise. Harmony is becoming more beautiful.
      Blake is very loved up at the moment with his new bride, Lexy.
      We will see where Ty fits in very soon :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. Indeed! Where has little Harmony gone?
    'He touched my boobs.' LOL!

    Blair is such a hypocrite, but that's dads I guess. If he only knew.

    I think Harmony kneeing poor Ty was overkill. I get that she got nervous and a little scared, but I don't know if that was the right thing to do. Hehe, it looks like Ty can get over the physical pain tho and still be interested. Very interested. :)

    1. Mypal,

      Harmony grew up...where did the time go. The 'boobs' line was funny typical teen response who think they are older then they actually are. Blair is a Dad that believes do as I say not as I do. Harmony isn't used to boys so yes kneeing him was extreme but she wasn't sure what to do and yes it was more nerves. Ty is very interested in her lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. That pic of Blair barring his fangs scared the shit out me. Jeepers creepers! Little Harmony has grown up and she's beautiful. Her friend though, letting boys touch her boobs, I don't know about that. I think Ty got what he deserved for being pushy, maybe next time he might try a gentler approach.

    1. Val,

      That picture was scary lol. Harmony is beautiful, she may look like her Mum but she has Blair's personality hehe. Ty saw what he liked but didn't go about it in the best way. I hope he learns next time :)

      Thanks for reading :)