Tuesday, 13 March 2012

2.8 Decisions

The frustration was getting to William, so he tried working out. The more time he spent with Heather the more he wanted her and knew she felt the same way. He was crazy about her but she was refusing to give a little. They would kiss, hold hands and having to hold back was tearing him up. When she refused to stay the other night William had to spend most of the night awake because his erection and his thoughts of her were driving him all over the place.
He respected that she wanted to take things slow but he never did anything wrong, he would admit his father had a big part to play in this and he should of stood his ground but all he knew was that being married was the only thing he wanted and Heather had to listen to him.

Blake went to the library to collect more books for research on some potions he was working on and while there he saw Sam. "Hi Sam."
"Hay there." as Sam smiled, she continued, "Do you want to go out later?"
"I know this place not far from here, give me an hour and we will meet back here then go to the bar." Blair said
"See you soon." as they parted ways.

When they got inside the bar, it was quiet, which suited them both as all they could think about was being alone. They played a game of foosball but they both kept getting distracted by one another.

"Sam, I want to ask you something." Sam looked on eagerly waiting for him to continue, "I was wondering about us and well um...Do you want to be my girlfriend?" Sam kissed him and replied, "I would like that. By the way you are so cute when you are nervous."

Heather was pacing the floor at home. She couldn't get her mind off William, the plan to date again and to get to know each was great but there was only one floor in the plan, he ignited passion in her like no one else could and she was going out of her mind. Even though they had been on a few dates since the rock-climbing, her feelings of love for Will were getting deeper.

Heather had taken a sneak look through the window of the new house he was working on for them and the time and effort he was putting in was showing. It did reveal that William meant everything he said, loving her and wanting to be with her and this was starting to weaken her defences.  

There was also another problem she received a call from her brother, saying he was in trouble again and could he stay with her. Heather couldn't refuse him as he was bringing her nephew who must be about 10 years old. She hadn't seen either of them since she married William. Her brother was a petty criminal always in trouble and who for the most part accepted imprisonment as just one of those things. Since his son had no mother after she left them with no forwarding address, Spencer was making more of an effort.

She went and told Will and he wasn't happy about this at all. "Heather you know what he'll do, Spencer will bleed you dry and then take off again."
"I know Hun, but what can I do he is my brother and let's face it you would do the same for Blake." as she tried to defend him.
"Blake earns his own money. I don't like the thought of you in the house alone with Spencer when he will take advantage."

"Well, what do suggest?"
"There are two options for you and neither will you like. First he can stay here with Dad, Blake and I or you move in with me and they can stay with us." Heather was shocked by this offer.
"If I move in with you what about the sleeping arrangements?" William was silent for moment and then he answered, "We can sleep in separate rooms or in the same room, and it's up to you. I just don't trust your brother."
"I don't know this wasn't what we were supposed to be doing."
"I know but things have changed but I won't allow him to upset you, so this is why you living with me means I can keep an eye on him."
"Does that mean we would move to the new house?"
"No, it's not finished yet."
"You mean live with your Dad as well?"
"We could put him in your house but you two are getting on so well. We could have a word with him together and see what he says. So you can stop worrying."

"Anyone home." Estevan shouted.
"In here, Dad." William shouted.

"Hi. Nice to see you here Heather." as he saw her next to William.
"Heather I can see you are upset. What is going on?" Estevan continued as he could see by the expressions on her face. Heather explained about her brother, Spencer to him and then he said cautiously to Will, "Is everything in hand?"
"I asked Heather to move in so I can keep an eye on him but Heather is not sure."
Looking at the both of them he said, "Cause of me?"

"Estevan, would we be able to stay under the same roof again?" Heather asked.
"I gave my word so I won't infer. Besides there is a self contained flat above the garage I can live there."
"You would do that for us?" Heather asked shocked.

"You and Will need space and Will is right, you both need to make your own mistakes after all you are adults. Anyway I want grandkids so hurry up and sort what issues you have out and just get married again." Estevan told them and now Heather was going bright red and quickly changed the subject back the original conversation.

"Um, Estevan I know it may be cheeky of me to ask but he has a son, named Mathew and he needs a job..."
"He can work at one of the clubs. He can train as a barman. How old is the Mathew? The reason I ask is there is an old nursery here and well maybe we can upgrade it to a boy's room."

The last few days were spent in a daze, Heather wanted to say yes but there was a part of her that was cautious about moving in and so she decided to go out with her new friend Paris and see what she said about the whole thing.

"You look like your confused Hun?" as Paris got to the point.
"Will has asked me to move in with him because he wants to protect me from my brother."
"Why, what's he done?"
"Spencer has just been in trouble with the law from time to time nothing big but always gets caught but never learns his lesson. On these occasions he would visit me, tell me he needs money and like a fool I would give it to him then I wouldn't hear anything until next time."

"The rumour is that William's father is just as bad or worse. Doesn't that worry you?" Paris said.
"He is bad and I know there are some shady deals here and there but he's never been caught. We get on better for William. As we both want Will to be happy so he promised me he would never infer. Still doesn't help with moving in with Will or my brother."
Paris then replied "Question is do you love William, if you do then I say follow your heart. As for your brother Spencer, William will keep him in line for you because from what you have told me he is nothing like his father."
"The more time Will and I spend together, the more I love him but I am afraid of getting hurt. I only divorced him so he could understand the pain his father put me through and to see if he would stand up for us against his father and he has. He has been dating me again and it is wonderful." as she rambled on.

"So in other words you are head over heels in love with him. So don't tell me tell him, Heather."
"Paris thanks, I will tell him." as Heather smiled.

The next evening Heather arranged to meet William at a local park in town. Heather was so nervous as she waited for him to arrive. When he got there, she had butterflies in her stomach. As they walked around William finally asked, "What's up, Heather?"

"I need to be honest with you. Since we have been seeing each other again my feeling towards you have been umm growing." trying to find the right words.
"Don't you mean you are in love with me?" as he looked at her. Heather looked away and then said, "Alright I admit it I love you."
William pulled her in tightly and said, "Love you too. Have you decided what you want to do?"

"I will move back."
"Great but there is one problem I checked the rooms and Mathew has his own room. Blake and Spencer are sharing and Dad is in his own flat above the garage but..."
"We have to share a room?" Heather added.
"Yes but I have thought about it and the room now has two single beds." he added.
"You really want us to sleep apart?" Heather was shocked by what she just said and couldn't take it back.
"No and it will be hard but knowing you are in the same house, same room will be enough for now." he replied.


  1. Blake and Sam are such a cute couple!

    Paris gave Heather excellent advice. This time she did need to follow her heart!

    I'm looking forward to meeting Heather's brother and nephew!

    1. Daisies,

      I think they make a cute couple, I love the way he is always nervous around her. Heather needed her friend advice and got what she needed to hear.

      It will be interesting to see her family :)

  2. Congrats on the thousand hits!

    I adore William. He is such a sweet heart for respecting Heather's wishes even though staying away from her is giving him blue balls. I do wonder though if Heather's brother is as bad as he believes.

    I loved the posing in this, especially when they were taking a walk!

    1. Val,

      Thanks I was so pleased to see that many hits so quickly. William is really trying to keep himself together throughout this poor guy.

      When I took them to the park and did these poses I thought to myself so cute :) I'm glad I found them

  3. I'm getting frustrated with Heather, i understand why she did what she did but putting poor Will through the ringer every day is ugh...grrrr=b.

    Estevan is a shit, and always will be but he does seem to be trying for Will and Heathers' sake.

    Blake and Sam are sweet together, i hope things work out well for them, look forward to more...edenz~

    1. Edenz,

      I am taken back a bit by your comment. Heather didn't know what to do for the best and thought the divorce was the right thing but it made her want William more.

      Estevan is a loving family father but has been through heart break and that is why the he is that way. If you want to see his beginning start from this chapter and it should give you an idea.


      I hope things work out for Blake and Sam :)

      Thanks for reading

  4. William and Estevan are sacrificing a lot just to accomodate Heather's brother and nephew. They must really care about her. I wonder how that's going to work out, with everybody in the same roof? I know that William and Heather are trying to take things slow but they're going to have sex whether they're ready or not. The sexual tension between them is growing.

    I thought it was sweet of Blake to ask Sam to be his girlfriend. Things are getting serious!

    1. Tommiegirl,

      William and Heather are going to give in at some point and they are sacrificing alot for her. Will it work who knows...I just hope William gets the house ready asap before they all kill each other lol.

      Blake and Sam are so sweet together :)

  5. ...I'm a total Blair fan, and I'll let you know now that I'm gonna complain until Heather and him get back together (or not).

    LOL I kinda love Estivan, he's so....Estivany!

  6. MyzKrazyMa,

    Estevan can have a kind side to him as well and you are complain because Heather is with William and not with Blair lol do you know how long it took me to decide weeks I tell you weeks :)

  7. Awww Heather. =D Slowly but surely she's realizing stuff! Heehee, maybe her plan of however many dates was too long, but I guess she had no idea if or when she was going to fall back in love with William. Interested about Heather's brother Spencer and what kind of drama he will bring to the story. LOL, he sounds like quite the character already. I really love that Estevan is being true to his word about being nice. =D

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Heather is madly in love with Will and the more time they spend together the more apparent it becomes. Estevan is keeping his word. Spencer will arrive shortly.

      Thanks for reading :)