Tuesday, 27 March 2012

2.10 Spencer

It was late when Spencer and Mathew arrived so it was a quick hello and they were shown their rooms and went to bed. Heather had enrolled Mathew in the local school in the hope that this would be the last school he attended. William woke up and remembered that Heather was now sharing a room with him. He just lay there for a few moments and watched her sleep. He heard a noise coming from the room and went to investigate and found Mathew climbing down the bunk bed.
"Sleep well?" William asked.

"Um ok I guess." keeping his distance. William knelt down and said, "It's ok, I'm your Uncle William. You look as if you need breakfast let's go into the kitchen and see what we have." Mathew nodded and followed William to the kitchen. As he was finishing eating, Heather walked in, "How are you this morning Hun?"

"Fine thanks." William answered as he laughed as he knew she was asking Mathew and then they both saw Mathew smile, "I'm ok Aunt Heather. Is Dad up yet?"
"I don't think so but you can go and check."
"He will settle in, just give him time." William reassured her.
"I know but I just hope Spencer means what he says this time, not for me but for Mathew."
"Hopefully with both of us keeping an eye out, he will."

Heather went into Spencer's room and said, "We need to talk but first put some clothes on." as she stared at his trousers. She waited for Spencer to come downstairs and when he appeared he was fully dressed much to her relief.

"Ok sis, what do you want to talk about?" as he made himself comfortable.
"Don't sis me. You know I'm not giving you any money." getting to the point.
"Look, I know I have been an ass but I am trying and since Tracy left things are difficult. I can't meet the bills as I can only work part-time because of Mathew. Having a criminal record doesn't help either and I know I don't deserve it but I need your help."

"I'll do it for Mathew but if you lie to me or take the piss in any way we are done. Do you understand Spencer." Not letting this go.
"I won't let you down. Let's talk about you, why aren't you wearing your wedding ring?"
"It is a long story but here is the short version, Will and I are divorced and dating again and now living together." Heather explained. Spencer looked puzzled but decided not ask any more questions.

"I have to start looking for a job, can you look after Mathew?"
"I've got you a job already, working at one of Estevan's clubs."
"Oh but I've never worked behind a bar before but I suppose I can give it a try. When do I start?" he asked.
"On Thursday night." 

Spencer went to find Mathew and found him in his room playing astronauts, "Hay, what are you up too?"
"Playing spaceship, want to play?" as he got ready to take off.
"Um no but maybe next time. Are you settled in?" asking Mathew.
"Yep, I love my new room. We are not moving again as we just got here." demanding to know.
"No I just wanted to make sure you were ok."
Spencer found William in the kitchen and decided they needed to talk. "William, what is going on with you and Heather?"

"Oh the divorce, I messed up but I am putting things right and just to let you know I do intend on marrying your sister again." being truthful
"Really when?"
"We are having a party tonight and intended to ask her then. I hope you will give your blessing."
"The truth is William, I like you and I think you are good for my sister but don't mess things up again. I mean it's nice to see you can stand up to your Dad." William looked shocked but Spencer continued, "I guessed it was your Dad's making and by your face I'm right. Heather loves you very much I can tell but she was always wary of your Dad. I may not have been a good brother to her but do me one favour look after her, ok."

Spencer decided to practice making drinks as he did not want to embarrass himself on his first night. The more he tried the worse he felt as he kept spill drinks over the place.

"You will get the hang of this." As Spencer looked up he saw Estevan watching him.
"Hope so, you must be William's Dad."
"Yes, you have a nice son."
"Thanks and it's nice of you to let me work at your club."
"Heather said you needed a job and you had to start somewhere."
"I just hope in time Heather will trust me."
"She will if you stick around." Spencer knew he was right, proving to his sister he wasn't an ass would be hard but he was willing to try.


  1. Spencer seems to be guinely trying, then again i don't know how he acted all of the other times either when he came to Heather.

    I know Estevan is and has been an asshole at times but i don't hate him, i really don't. I think with all of his faults he does care for his family, and Heather's it seems.

    I was disappointed, no Blair in this one=b, i just like lusting after him....edenz

    1. Edenz,

      Spencer is trying but is it genuine, who knows. Estevan looks out for family but I am glad people have mixed feelings over him.

      As for Blair you will see more of him :)

  2. I hope for Matthew's sake that things work out. He seems like such a sweet boy!

    I just love William! He really seems to love Heather. I hope she says yes!
    I liked Spencer's talk with William, asking William to look after Heather. He seems to want to do better now!

    Looking forward to the next update!

    1. Daisies,

      Mathew is such a sweetie, William will do anything for Heather.
      Spencer's talk with William was really sweet doing the big brother chat :) I hope for Heather he sticks to doing better.

  3. Aw, Spence, he seems so sweet. I'm glad to see he's willing to try to make it up to his sister. I hope he doesn't run into a bad crowd over at the club and messes his once chance with his sister.

    1. Val,

      Spencer is nice but I hope you are right and he doesn't mess things up.

  4. So glad things are working so far between Will and Heather. Hopefully for Matthew's sake, Spencer really is trying to straighten his act up. So glad I got a chance to get all caught up on this :)

    1. Demenshia,

      Glad you are all caught up with the story and you like how things are progressing :)

  5. I hope Spencer stays out of Estevan's way, for Matthew's sake. I love that kid.

  6. MyzKrazyMa,

    I love Mathew he sooo cute but your right stay out of Estevan's way :)

  7. Yay Spencer. =) I think he's cool even though he had some bad things in his past. I understand Heather's reservations about him, though, and I hope that he is going to really try and isn't just tricking Heather.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      I hope Spencer tries hard and proves to Heather he is trustworthy now.

      Thanks for reading :)