Tuesday, 22 January 2013

4.17 Revelations

William held Dawn while the tears streamed down her face. Blake ran into the room, "I just got your message, Will. What's wrong?"

"Dad's been arrested for Samantha murder." Blake had to sit down and was trying to think, "Dad didn't do it. I killed her." William settled Dawn on the sofa and in a calm tone, "Blake, you didn't kill her." Blake lost his temper and yelled, "I did kill her, it was an accident but I was there I should know."

"Ok Blake if you killed her tell me what happened." as he folded his arms tapping his foot waiting for an answer.
"We were arguing about the affair and I asked her to leave. She was crying as she was packing her clothes. Suddenly I came over with rage and hurt and then needed to feed and then she was on the floor not moving."
"How did you kill her?"
"Is this a trick question Will? I sank my fangs into her neck and drained her. After it happened some blood from my fangs got on her clothes and when I realized what I did and I went to Dad for help."
"Blake listen to me. Dad told me there was a third puncher wound and they are accusing Dad of finishing the job..." Blake interrupted, "I didn't kill her and Dad finish...share his feed...He never shares his feed. Remember as kids he used to yell if we tried to have blood from the same person?"
"Exactly but we need to help him. He got the information from a cop who owes him after he saved her life." 

Dawn finally spoke as she came close to both Will and Blake. "You thought you killed your girlfriend and your Dad cleaned up and destroyed evidence? Now he's in trouble because of you."
Blake felt at that moment like a child, "Dawn I'm sorry."
"You're sorry. My fiancé is sitting in a cell because you are sorry. I want him home right now so fix this." Blake saw the hurt in her face and sheepishly replied, "I will I promise." Then Dawn left the room still in a state.
"Does Granma know about this?" Blake asked.
"Not yet she went away for a few days but is back tomorrow. I have to organise bail for him. Still have to tell Blair about this."
"I doubt he will care about Dad."

Teddy let William in the house and for a moment he watched Blair play the piano. Blair continued playing and firmly said, "What are you doing in my house? I told your Dad we are through." 

William had something to say and Blair was going to listen. "Uncle Blair..." Blair slammed the keys hard on hearing those two words and Blair was about to burst. "I'm not you're..."
William didn't have time to argue, "Can it will you. You know he is your brother so let's get to why I'm here. 

Dad is in trouble and needs your help. He was arrested for Samantha's murder."
Blair just stared at Will, "Are you going to say anything?"
"Get out of my house, now" Will had done what his Dad had asked and hoped that he would help.

Blair knew that look all too well when Teddy sat on his lap and held his face while she kissed him. "Are you trying to distract me?" as he responded to her kisses.
"I am because I love you." He knew by her tone she wanted something and unfortunately it wasn't sex.
"What is it you really want, gorgeous?"

"Please tell me why you are so upset about Estevan being your brother." Blair moved her from his lap and sighed looking at the floor. He'd had enough of fighting with Teddy so decided to try and explain, "You really want to know, fine. Dad and I got on until I was about 10 years old. He would stick up for me against Mum. Then his business meant he started to travel and we became distant." Remembering these memories made Blair feel uncomfortable as the pain was deep.
"Mum drove me insane and so one day I took off when I was about 13 or 14 can't exactly remember the age. Anyway Dad found me when I was 15 years old and begged me to come home but I refused but he asked me to come to a home he was renting while doing business. I'd only been there about an hour when a woman came through the door with a baby. She looked at me then at Dad and do you know what he said?"

Teddy looked at Blair and could suddenly feel his hurt and replied softly while listening, "What did he say?"
"This is Daphne and her baby, Estevan. Not this is my son, your baby brother. He lied straight to my face. The baby just kept smiling at me and wanting to play with me but suddenly Dad wanted me to leave. After this he and I never spoke and about a year later I became a vampire."

Teddy was now in shock, "So you and Estevan met when he was a baby. Your Dad had the chance to tell you but didn't. You should have said something earlier. Do you think Estevan knows about this?"
"I checked his thoughts and he doesn't know. How could he do this to me?"
"Blair, who are you mad at your Dad or Estevan?"
"I really don't know at the moment."
"Listen to me, who is it that you go to when you need help?"
"When you thought I died who did you call for help?"
"Can you see the pattern? You have always gone to Estevan when things get tough. He comes to you. The only difference now is you know for certain you are brothers. It's your Dad your mad at not your brother."

Now he knew what he had to do. Blair went to the bedroom and started to pack a bag. Teddy followed him and watched him pack clothes into a bag, now she started to panic, "What you doing? Are you leaving me?"

Blair carried on packing ignoring the question and Teddy tried to read his thoughts but it was blank suddenly there was nothing. Grabbing his arm as he was leaving, "Blair, please tell me why are you leaving?"
When William had told him Estevan was in trouble, Blair knew all too well what it meant someone was out to destroy Estevan and the family. The trouble was Blair did care about his brother and Teddy was right he'd been mad at the wrong person when all along it was their father who was in the wrong and now he wanted answers. The fact that Estevan was always there for him, it was now his turn to help Estevan out. This unfortunately meant leaving Teddy and Harmony alone without him for awhile. It broke his heart to cut his intimate connection with Teddy but the less she knew the better. The person behind the set up Blair knew had to be dangerous and he didn't want his family hurt.

Leaving Teddy was a painful decision and hoped it wouldn't be for long and he knew when he did come back the storm waiting for him would be more than he deserved. He shook her arm away and heard her pleas to come back but he needed to do this. 

He locked the garage door behind him and uncovered his old motorbike and said, "Hay there old friend, we have a job to do."

 Estevan had only walked into the living room when Dawn wrapped herself around him and in between kissing him she said, "Are you ok?"

Estevan looked at her lovingly and replied, "I am now." Then they heard a noise and Estevan added, "Dawn this is Lexy Sail. She brought me home from the station and she arrested me." He could sense Dawn wanted to argue but Estevan continued, "I saved her life once and that is why she is trying to clear my name because she believes me. I'm going to get changed so be nice, please." Then he give Dawn a kiss and left them together in the room.

"He saves your life and you arrest him."
"I know how it looks to you but you have no idea how much I hated doing my job."
"Are you in love with him?"
"What! No I'm a cop and a good one, it's just after he saved my life I feel I owe him. I broke several rules and told him the information we had and because of my help, Estevan has cooperated fully."

Just then the door burst open. It was Teddy she looked awful, "Is Estevan back yet?"
Dawn took Harmony off her and told her to sit down, "He's getting changed. What's wrong?"
Teddy was now curled up on the sofa faintly replied, "He's left me."

Estevan had just come in and yelled, "What!" He sat by Teddy as she looked at him, "He's left with no explanation as to why. One minute he is talking about your Dad then he packs a bag and leaves."
"What did he say exactly?"

"William had told him about you being arrested then I asked about why he was mad at you then he explained, he had run away from home and your Dad came to find him and begged him to come home. Blair refused but your Dad was renting a house on business and asked him to go there so he did. A while later a woman walks in with a baby but your Dad introduces them as Daphne and her baby Estevan. I guess when you told him that is why he went metal."
Estevan was now angry, "So my Dad lied straight to his face when he had the chance to tell him the truth. You and Harmony stay here because I think I know where he has gone. I will get him to come home, ok!"
Lexy suddenly said, "You can't leave the house it is part of your bail conditions."

Estevan got close to her as she backed herself against the wall, "Lexy my brother needs me. He is up to something and I have to help so either arrest me again or let me go and find him."
"Just be back before dawn." Then Estevan took off to find Blair.


  1. Dawn needs to take a chill pill. I get she was worried for Estevan, but to ask Lexie if she's in love with Estevan was out of line. Glad to see Estevan out!

    1. Val,

      Dawn is worried about Estevan and I think Lexy got the brunt of it. Dawn doesn't understand that Lexy's feelings for Estevan are purely that of a hero she looked up to after he rescued her from the fire when she was a child. Estevan will have to talk to her about it and put her straight.

      Thanks for Reading :)

  2. I laughed when Estevan said, "Now be nice." Then true to form, Dawn starts yelling. Love it.

    I hope Estevan can return home in time and figure out if his hunch is correct about Blair.

    Speaking of Blair! WTF man?! He could've given her a 'don't worry, but I can't tell you' thing, but NO he had to just walk out no explanation. UGH.


    1. Mypalsim,

      Estevan knows Dawn so well lol. She was very unfair on Lexy but at least Lexy stood her ground.

      I hope Estevan gets home before dawn too but as for Blair he was harsh on Teddy and she is really upset as she has no idea why he left. He should of said something but he chose not too. I hope he comes home soon.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. ~ Dawn is new at this love thing, she needs someone to talk too her about it,otherwise there is no quicker way to lose your man than to be a jealouse green eyed monster!
    ~ And Estevan needs to clarify his connection with Lexy!
    ~ I am not saying anything on TeddyBlair other than he should have let her in!She is in more danger not knowing!
    ~ Loved it! (",)

  4. Karima,

    Dawn has fallen very hard for Estevan and her jealousy will get the better of her if things are explained. I just hope he does and sooner rather than later.
    Blair has left Teddy alone and confused, I hope that they can both cope being apart.

    Thanks for reading :)

  5. Wow! It must be another vampire that is setting Estevan up! I hope Teddie realizes that Blair hasn't left her and Harmony for good. He just doesn't want them involved in a dangerous situation!

    Dawn is still fiery! Estevan my forgive Lexy, but she doesn't. She thinks that Lexy has romantic feelings for him. I wonder how Blake will react when he finds out what Lexy has done!

  6. Aww poor Teddy, that sucks Blair couldn't tell her stuff about what he was doing. I hope she gets over the initial hurt of that and doesn't actually think he's not coming back. She should know he loves her for real.
    *rolls eyes* Of course Dawn would think Lexy wanted to get with Estevan, LOL. Dawn's always been... annoying. XD