Monday, 24 September 2012

3.20 Leaving

Mathew had finished packing his bags and in a few hours he would be gone. Snowie had gone shopping so it gave Mathew time to think of something to say but every time he thought about what he would say to Snowie it never sounded right.

"You have to tell her that you are leaving." Spencer said standing by the door.
"Dad, I can't tell her."

"Matt, I know this is hard but you can't leave without saying anything. Doing that would be worse. Everyone will be here later to say goodbye so tell her before then."
He went up in the attic for one last bash on the drums. The emotions he felt with every stroke of stick on the drum brought him close to tears. It was thanks to Snowie that he took up the drums and if it wasn't for her, he would properly be in a prison somewhere doing time. He put the sticks away and made his way back to his room. He saw Snowie enter her room. Mathew took a deep breath knocked on the door and walked in.

Sitting on the bed trying to get comfortable, "How was the shopping trip?"
"I didn't buy much. Just window shopped mostly. Matt you don't look happy what's wrong?"
"Umm, it's hard to explain. You see the thing is I'm going away."

"Oh ok. Going with your Dad, don't worry I'll see you in a week or two." Snowie really believed what she was saying but Matt had to put this right.
"Snowie I'm not going with Dad and I'm not going for a few weeks. I am going for six months maybe a year."
"You're what?"

"Snowie I know this is hard but I have to do this..."
Snowie was now yelling, "No you don't, tell your Dad no. We are a couple and you can't just up and leave. I mean what about us? Did you ever think about that? We have a few weeks to change Spencer's mind..."
"Snowie please, don't make this hard than it has to be. I'm leaving this afternoon. I will miss you but I think it is best we break up, I would like us to stay friends but..."
"You are breaking up with me and what to stay friends, never. I wish I'd never met you. Go on your trip be happy. I just won't be here when you get back. Now get out of my room." She slammed the door in his face and then all he heard was crying from the other side of the door. He wanted to go back and tell her everything would be fine but he couldn't.
When he got downstairs his Dad was waiting, "How did it go?"
"Dad she hates me."
"She doesn't hate you she just needs time. Everyone is here to see you off." Matt went into the living room to find the family waiting.

Will was the first to hug him and say, "I can't believe it my nephew has grown up. This house will be to quiet now."
"I'll miss you Uncle Will. Take care of my Aunt and little cousin for me."
"You know I will, Matt."

Matt picked up Art and said, "Art be good ok. See you soon."
"Uncle Blake take care."

"Listen less of the Uncle and remember we are only a call away." Matt turned to Estevan and smiled. Estevan pulled him into a hug and said in a whisper, "Anything you need call me, money you name it call me."
In a whisper back, "Are you and Dawn ok?"

"I'm working on it. How did Snowie take it?"
"Not good." Estevan just gave a half smile. Matt was dreading saying goodbye to Aunt Heather as he knew she would start crying. "Aunt Heather thanks for everything."

Holding back her tears; Heather said, "Matt you can always come back, just take care of yourself but have a good time."
Matt hugged her again and said in a whisper, "Please give this letter to Snowie for me."

Matt hugged Paris and his Dad. He asked Paris to look after his Dad and if they ever decided on a date then he wanted to be there on the big day. 

Leaving the house he took one last look up the stair case in the hopes that Snowie would come down and say goodbye but the hall was silent. He was embarking on a new stage in his life but he had hoped that Snowie and he would remain friends but it just didn't seem it wasn't going to work out that way.  

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  1. Poor Snowie, she'll het over it though. Yay! Now if only I could bribe you to give me a sneak peek of Matt's story ;)

    1. Pixx,

      Snowie is upset at Matt but I hope in time she will get over him. Matt Story will go out on Wednesday as normal :)

      Thanks for reading :)

  2. Poor Matthew. At least his family is supportive. Snowie is young. I think this is a good thing for him to get out and grow.

    1. Zhippidy,

      His family are behind him all the way. Snowie is very upset but I think he did the right thing. Leaving will do him good.

      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Man, this was so sad. I fully understand Snowie's anger and disappointment. If Matt had told her when he found it, she would have had time to get used to his departure.

    1. Val,

      Snowie was very upset. Matt should have told her earlier, he made a mistake by not telling Snowie sooner.

      I hope she gets over the the anger and upset and I hope Matt enjoys travelling.

      Thanks for reading :)

  4. I still hate that he has to leave. It's just WHY? pooh. I feel so bad for Snowie. Okay. I need a happy chapter next cuz I'm kinda bummed now. :P Okay well now I'm laughing at my bummed-ness so I suppose I'LL be okay. Just not Snowie. I wouldn't've brought my butt down to say bye to his leaving ass either. Just friends. He's going to regret that.

    1. Mypalsim1,

      Yes Matt is leaving. He is going around the country to explore. Happy Chapter I hope so soon :)
      Snowie is upset but they are only teenagers but I do understand why she didn't come down the stairs. Will Matt regret it, well we will see.

      Thanks for reading :)

  5. ~ If he does not go now he will get married & settle down with Snowie & will always wonder "what if" best he goes out into the world he will have a better idea if they were meant to be or not,she is his first girlfriend,is she the one,he will have a clearer idea on that,before they go any further into the relationship,now is the time to go!Before Babies happen!LOL!
    ~ I can not wait to see what Matt does with his future!
    ~ Love it!(",)

    1. Karima,

      I think you are right if Matt doesn't go then he will never go. Marriage I think he is too young at the moment and being his first girlfriend I think without putting distance between them he would never know for sure.

      I can't wait for his new adventures either and I hope he enjoys himself at the same time.

      Thanks for reading :)

  6. I think Matt decided the right thing. If he never went and stayed, he would always regret not going I believe and even become to resent Snowie over it. I do hope they can come to some understanding in the future.....edenz~

    1. Edenz,

      I hope Matt new adventure will be good for him. I think Snowie will alright in time.

      Thanks for reading :)

  7. I feel so sorry for Snowie. He's her first boyfriend though. Hopefully she will be okay.

    So sad and exciting when someone grows up and moves away!

  8. Poor Matthew, I think he'll be okay though, I'll just have to see if Snowie ever gets over it. Breakups are never an easy thing.