Friday, 30 December 2011

1.5 Confrontation

Jon called for his date with Hannah; while he was talking to her roommate Hannah was busy checking herself in the mirror. She wanted to make sure her makeup and hair were right. They got to the local cafe and had lunch.

"Hannah what do you do for a living?" watching her as she ate.

"Nothing at the moment as I just finished university but I am looking. What do you do Jon?" he almost chocked on his food. "Are you ok? asking him another question.

Nodding back he gestured yes and then replied "You really don't know who I am?" not waiting for a reply "I am a rock star have been for about 15 years now."

Hannah looked at him and said "Oh, well I hate to tell you this but I hate rock music. I prefer country and classical." as she continued with her meal.

They remained silent as they finished up their meals. Jon was shocked but admired her honesty as she could have pretended to like his music but didn't and that attracted him even more to her. This wasn't supposed to happen, it was maybe one or two dates and then he would move on.

As he drove her home Jon passed Blair's home and he started getting angry at the thought of him in the town but he had to think quickly on how to get rid of him before he ruined another relationship for him.

Elvira had been watching Blair's home when she saw him leave another vampire her blood ran even colder. If that bitch thinks she is running the business with him, she'll have a shock because it's me that is in charge. When she got home she hacked in to city hall to find out all about this new vampire and found out some very interesting information about her but Elvira had to be careful or it would be her in trouble not Heather.

Blair had been overseeing the final touches on the new club "The Grind". He couldn't wait to see it packed on opening night. He just hoped that Elvira didn't show up. He dialled his Boss and told him the new club was ready.
"When do you want it opened?" Blair asked
"No problem, I can arrange that." he told his Boss. Then he started arguing with him as the subject turned to Elvira.
" I really don't want her here....Fine I will work with her but don't think it will be a permanent arrangement."

Their relationship had been very explosive from the start and even though he knew she was no good for him he stayed in that relationship for a few years. Although he could never deny that their sex life was great going back down that road wouldn't do them any good.  He wanted something that he'd never had before and that was this love thing people talked about. He always heard it was something great.

Elvira waited for Heather to answer the door and when Heather opened the door she didn't wait to be invited in. "Who the hell do you think you are, bursting into my home?" as she closed the door and yelled at her.

"Oh come, come don't be like that, I'm Elvira. You and I are going to become good friends, Heather as I know all about you. I've been watching you and saw Blair leave here last night." as Elvira snarled at Heather.
Continuing to yell at Elvira, "You know nothing about me and I don't need you friendship. It's none of you business who I see."

"No your right it's not my business but it's someone's business." as she let herself out. Stunned by what just happened. Heather started to shake, how could anyone know where she was? The thoughts of anyone knowing about her passed frightened her. She wondered if this person who called herself Elvira really knew what she was talking about or was she just trying to scare her and keep her away from Blair.

Floods of memories started to haunt Heather as she remembered the way things were before starting her new life. She told herself that the past was the past and it was dead but as she tried to read a book, the more that the images kept replaying in her mind. The harder she tried to push them to one side the more they became more vivid. Things were very complicated and reliving the past was not going to help. As far as heather was concerned she had moved on but she knew there was still a part of her that wanted to stay in the past where she was happy.
If Elvira did know everything then it wouldn't be long before her past caught up with her.


  1. That must be really nice for Jon to meet someone who doesn't know about his fame. Now he can relax and really get to know her if he is willing to give it a chance.

    So Blair wants to fall in love with someone. That was unexpected and a softer side to him that I didn't expect. I don't think Elvira will want that to happen!

    I wonder what is in Heather's past that she wants hidden!

  2. I hope Jon does give Hannah a chance because she seems a lovely person.

    Elvira is definitely up to something and poor Heather seems to be in her way.

    Pasts always have a way of coming bk.

  3. I feel sorry for Jon, he's always looking over his shoulder, worrying about Blair. And as for Blair, I'm curious about his boss and he's so hellbent on making him work with Elvira. Heather's past seems to be full of mystery, intrigue and heartbreak. I just want to give her a hug.

  4. Blair's boss is not someone you want to cross. Heather I think has her good side and I think her passed will remind her of that. Elvira is just bad lol

  5. Hello, I did go straight to 1.6 and missed this one, thanks for the reminder! Elvira is quite bad but I love how you are fleshing out her character!

  6. Glad you enjoyed the entry. Elvira is a wicked person but I still think she has her own agenda :)

  7. OOOOoooOOOOoo secrets from the past....can't wait to find out what they are

  8. Well what are you waiting for lol go and read :)

  9. Uh oh. Heather seems to be quite scared about Elvira knowing things from her past. Haha, that was kind of funny that girl was so blunt with Jon saying she had no idea who he was.

    1. LateKnightSimmer,

      Heather doesn't like people knowing her past especially people like Elvira. Hannah and Jon are getting on but yes she really didn't know who he was lol

      Thanks for reading :)

  10. Oh, great. Heather definitely doesn't need Elivra digging into her past. We all know that would NOT be good at all (though I have no idea what's in her I DO NOT like Elivra. Boo!

    Hannah and Jon seem interesting. I think it is humorous that Hannah had no idea who Jon was. Obviously, Jon was humbled. LOL! :)

    1. Lovestorms,

      Heather doesn't like Elvira and I don't blame you not liking Elvira either. Heather has reasons why she doesn't want her digging.

      Jon and Hannah are sweet.

      Thanks for reading :)